Friday, 6 November 2015

You Had Me at "Hi!"

There is something wrong with the way society works nowadays: we don't spread enough kindness - so much so that we have to even make campaigns to do so. Very few people can truly say that they've exchanged greetings and pleasantries with a stranger with nothing in mind but solely to brighten the stranger's day lately - and maybe their own too, in the process. It's not quite right to blame it all on gadgets, this has been quite the norm long before handheld gadgets came into play. Human beings are selfish; they can be quite caught up in their own issues before they consider other's people's situations. It doesn't take 2 minutes to smile to everyone you pass and say "hello!" to them. Even better if you manage to get their names and ask about their day. If it's someone who works in the service area, thank them for their work with sincere gratitude on your face. It'll brighten their day and - guess what? - yours too. Try it! From now on, smile to at least one stranger everyday. You will see a great difference. Plus, smiling actually helps you fight off wrinkling as it uses less muscles than frowning.

Shachi collared cardigan via Tendencies // "Hi!" pin from Klara (gifted) // thrifted skirt + loafers // photos by Jess

All that was actually to segway smoothly to this pin Klara of The Robot that Had a Heart sent me earlier this month. It came with an adorable peter pan collar I managed to win from her giveaway months ago - which will hopefully appear in the next outfit post. It's a simple heart-shaped pin with the word "hi!" on it. But it just seems incredibly unique somehow. All day my classmates had been pointing it out and said hi to me, which I replied back with a beam. See what I mean? It's such a warm and welcoming pin, inviting people to trade greetings - if not pleasantries - with the wearer, which more people definitely need to be wearing. You can check out another rendition of such a pin on Klara's post - she handmade them, by the way! Also, although this outfit makes me sweat as I look at it now, it was quite cozy and fitting at the moment. The power of air conditioning, ladies and gents! Wish we could turn it down a God.

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