Friday, 11 September 2015

Nothing Else So Critical as This Little Home

♫ The Shins - Simple Song ♪

When these pictures were taken, Uli and I had an impromptu ladies' date to buy little knick knacks for Gina's going-away presents. I stole the chance to take some photos with her in a less crowded area of the mall we went to. According to her college friends, Uli suddenly became interested in fashion after she got back from her two-month stay in Japan two years ago. Ever since then, her style kept growing and I must say I adore it so much! Maybe one day we'll actually make an outfit post together on this little ol' blog. On the same day, we reminisced a lot about junior high, shared two plates of churros and basically went shopping. This was right a day prior to Gina's taking off. It still strikes my tear glands but let's keep it cheery. In real life, last week has been one hell of an O-week. It's nice to be able to kick back for the weekend before I head off to Bogor in the morning. More on my O-week experience later on this week.

thrifted blouse via fleaubergine // hand-me-down cardigan + purse // thrifted loafers + skirt // photos by Uli

Thus concludes the three outfits I wore in this photoshoot. From here on out, it's back to the 'drawing boards' with me. Out of all the three, I must say this is my absolute favourite - although, from experience, I think it won't be the crowd's cup of tea. The soft hue of orange and green makes me look like some healthy salad mushed into an ice cream or so. This might be the kind of outfits which inspires my sister to say, "Why don't you ever dress like normal people?" But normal was never my intention in life, I'm afraid. Also, if you're wondering: yes, this outfit is still pretty much suitable for a motorcycle ride - as I tried it out the day before. You just need to know where to tuck in the skirt. If you like Uli's outfit and want to know the deets, let me know. I'll try to find out about it ;)

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