Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Mix It Up a Notch: Simple Navy Jeans

Although jeans are admittedly the most common item one can find in anyone's wardrobe, there was a time when I had not even a pair of them. Well, at least not authentic navy denim jeans everyone normally owns. That went on for years until one day I found this pair from Bare Denim...in a paper trash can. Many people are quite grossed out by this fact - perhaps including you - but I argue that since it's a trash can strictly for papers, it wasn't as dirty and disgusting as it would've been had it been a recycling bin. Of course, since I didn't know who the owner was, it could've brought me skin diseases all the same. At first I hesitated, as normal human beings would. But, after days of no claims, I decided to bring it home - and wash it before wearing, of course. It was pure miracle that it fit me perfectly! The colour is much to my liking too. You can see from these photos - something I hadn't noticed before too - that the colour slowly changed, turning more green over the years. It's also gone through a bit of tailoring to become a cut that I prefer. Sadly, it hasn't fit me for a while now. But I'll try to lose some more weight and see if I can style this pair more often.

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