Sunday, 27 September 2015

Jas Merah

"Jas Merah. Jangan Sekali-Kali Meninggalkan Sejarah! (Don't Ever Leave/Forget History!)" - Ir. Soekarno (Indonesia's 1st President)

Never before did I think that I would ever be so thankful for having studied Art History at some point of my life. Being in a new class for a new major in a new academic year pretty much means only one thing: introduction. Shockingly, most of these introductions require me blurting out my real age and life experience. It's like nobody would let me keep my years a secret. Although I hate it whenever I have to say that I'm not 18 and that I've gone to Uni before without finishing it, I love the things I've learnt throughout the years and how much they're helping me get by. My Dad was right: these things never go to waste - especially since the field I studied before and the field I choose to major in now are quite related to each other. When most of the other students seem to not grasp the world of art nouveau or the arts and crafts movement, I've pretty much written a paper on them. Ignorance may be a bliss, until it's put into question.

Cotton Club dress // Primark shirt (thrifted) // vintage jacket // Exsport slingback (old) // Sox Galeri socks // ModCloth shoes (giveaway!) // photos by Ken

It just so happens that, when I rocked this ensemble, my first Indonesian Art History class was in session. In the midst of a speech, the lecturer patted me on the shoulder, referring to my 'red suit' (Jas Merah), which is actually President Soekarno's famous quote. Granted, my jacket/coat isn't an actual red suit, but it delivers the point and I applaud myself for wearing the right item at the right time. Moreover, I agree with President Soekarno: history is important - although many people seem to neglect it altogether. There isn't anything in particular that I can say about this outfit, though, except for the amount of compliments I received that day - which isn't my intention at all, but thanks. It was just something cute but casual that I wanted to sport. Speaking of which, after class that day, I played badminton in this getup. That's right.

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