Thursday, 3 September 2015


 Shirokuma Café

September means the beginning of the school year for Uni students in this country. This year, I will be following the crowd and make my way to the lecture halls - figuratively speaking, of course. So does my friend Cynthia. The other day - specifically right after I shot these with Vina - Cynthia and I got together before she had to leave for Bandung. It's back to the books with us: a comeback for her and a re-beginning for me. But, essentially, we're taking a deep breath before taking the plunge. It was just one of those short hangouts filled with laughter, ice cream and a whole lot of inside jokes. At first I wasn't even sure whether I wanted to have some pictures taken for a post or not. But the ball started rolling and I just rolled with it. The location is actually しろくま at Gandaria City, which serves just the best parfaits. We both ordered them and they were incredible! These photos were actually taken after we finished and paid, shamelessly taking advantage of the cute surroundings. To all the waiters, waitresses and other guests there that day, we greatly appreciate your understanding toward our - my - shameless actions.

N.y.L.a top // C&A hat // vintage skirt + loafers // Ebay purse (Sis's) // "gifted" socks // photos by Cynthia

Yes, yes, I wore this outfit right away after that little photo session with Vina earlier that day. It was definitely more practical that way and, plus, I adore this skirt! It was earlier that morning when I tried it on and realised how much looser it feels now. This is a sure sign that my diet is working! So excited! I wanted to wear it with a baggy top and my tops don't get baggier than this. Personally, I love the laid-back feel the combo gives off. Then I saw that photo above with the bike, and realised how perfect this look would be for a maternity look. Not that I have one in the oven at the moment or anything - I don't, I swear. But my friend Kathy of My Peach Days and her adorable maternity looks just inspire me so much right now. I guess it also helps that I've always loved the baggy look on me - especially when I was a lot slimmer. Kathy, if you're reading this, I hope this inspires you a little. Not that you need my help on that front ;) How about you? Anything inspiring you right now?

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