Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Breathing with the Sun

These photos were taken one busy afternoon when I was rotating myself between packing to go out of town the next day, completing a commission that suddenly moved its deadline 2 weeks forward and, well, managing this blog. I felt like I couldn't really breathe much, due to the amount of things that needed to get done. After lunch, I put some final touches to the commission and - after getting a temporary approval - I changed my clothes, grabbed my camera plus tripod and ran out the door. It was therapeutic to be able to just sit around while, at the same time, posing in front of the camera. It's little pauses like this which is necessary in life. What makes it even better is the fact that sun was low enough to create a golden hue throughout the whole session. It was such a perfect feeling of complete peace, right before the day comes to an end. In real life, though, today I'll be coming home from an outbound event held by my campus in Sukabumi. If everything goes well, we'll hopefully arrive before dark.

H&M top (old) // hand-me-down jeans // thrifted jacket // Mollinic loafers

Although I just quickly changed into this ensemble 10 minutes before taking photos of it, this was actually the outfit I wore during one of the orientation days. But, since orientation week in Indonesia is quite strict, I wasn't able to take any photos of myself wearing it before. But here it is! The reason I wanted to recreate it is simply because of these shoes. I bought them for O-week - because, like I said, they're pretty strict - but ended up falling in love with them. Also, the jacket is actually rather old but I don't think I've ever worn it on the blog before. It was bought at this Mädchenflohmarkt. Last but not least, can you guys help me decide if these pants are more black or navy? My stepmom, who gave them to me, insists that they're black but I see navy. What do you think?

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