Saturday, 21 April 2018

Be Like Ramen

 Yoisho Ramen

Last week I had the pleasure of having a long-overdue sister date with, well, my sister, in which we tried this new-to-us ramen place in the heart of the city—a place I barely ever ventured to anymore—and visited a secondhand book event. Let me talk about the ramen place first, please! It is located at the start of a food district, right after a traffic light, so you could miss it if you're not careful. It's quite small, but very homey with adorable murals, cozy lighting and wonderfully arranged seating. We chose a sofa seat right by the window—for them good lightings, you dig?—and quickly looked through the menu. The menu design, by the way, looks so minimalistic yet adorable! They offer a fusion selection of ramen—soup and dry—as well as rice meals, appetisers and dessert. The waiters are very friendly, attentive and real helpful. We both fell in love with their Cheese Paitan Ramen. Some of the drinks are free flow—with self-service dispensers—and the desserts are really tasty—including raindrop cakes. Most importantly, it was really affordable, especially for Senopati. It definitely deserves more stars than it's getting on Zomato at the moment!

Hand-me-down dress + jacket + socks // old hat // MKS shoes // photos by my sis

After slurping off the last of our ramen, refilled our glasses once and had a long talk on various topics, we headed off to a bookish event by Book for Good. They are currently opening a space where you can donate/swap/adopt secondhand books at Kopi Kalyan. You can either donate your old books, swap them with books of the same genre and language or pay for a book as you wish—there is no minimum amount (but, you know, be considerate, please!). There's also a place where you can just hang out/play while reading books. Every Sunday they also hold fun activities for children, in case you want to visit there with one in tow. My sister and I went there to donate a few of our old books, turned our attention to the used-books section and purchased three for a price of one. I'm not sure what I'm doing, because I have too many in wait already—but it's still one from my TBR list, so that's okay, right? Plus, I'm always a huge fan of cycling things around, so that they needn't go to landfills. This event is still on until 9 May, so make sure you drop by for a visit!

P.S: This is one of the dresses my friend Divina handed down to me and it's quickly becoming my favourite!

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