Saturday, 28 April 2018

Friendship Never Goes Out of Style

Bivi: Thrifted denim jacket + loafers // hand-me-down skirt + purse // Threadless t-shirt // photos by Gina

While sharing tips and stories on how to be a more conscious consumer is great, I think it's also important to set an example by showing you an outfit post. Okay, it may just have been an excuse I conjured up to post this outfit today. To be fair, it was taken earlier this week—which you should be able to see from the t-shirt I'm wearing—so it's still in keeping with the Fashion Revolution Week theme. Let me talk a little bit about what happened the day these photos were taken. Early that morning, I had to go to campus to hand in a midterm assignment and was meeting up with one of my best friends Gina afterwards. She came to pick me up and we went straight to The Breeze, which is this outdoor cluster of restaurants—a bit of an outdoor mall, really—with gorgeous plants and landscape architecture. We tried out Kamu Tea CafĂ© and Tamper Coffee—my review of which you can read on my Zomato (only in Indonesian, unfortunately). The place is huge! With various picturesque backdrops for a photoshoot—and they're not against you bringing your camera too, which is a rarity on this part of the world, really. Gina was kind enough to help me take photos and let me take some of her too. It was a much-needed quality time.

Gina: old top + skirt + sandals // hand-me-down purse // photos by me

Now, on to the outfit itself. Remember when I made a commitment to stop mentioning brands that aren't ethical on my posts? While I still hold on to that plan, I also feel like I need to update my information from time to time. The fashion industry is improving—as you can see from an earlier post—and I want to support that by acknowledging brands that are trying to change. Also, not all brands that treat their workers fairly or whose conducts are in keeping with the environmental standards put that at the forefront of their website—maybe they just think it's an obvious thing to make a big deal out of it, who knows? Which is why my old favourite Threadless is back in the outfit deets. I wouldn't even have known about their fairly ethical business conducts had I not worn this t-shirt inside out, post it on instagram and ask them #whomademyclothes, I knew I loved them for a reason! If you're curious about their code of ethics too, you can read all about it here. How has your FRW been? How many brands have you asked and what have they said? Share along your findings!

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