Saturday, 12 August 2017

Un-Thawed by Time

Hey, guys, guess what? Iva is in town! So, naturally, Edwin, Wilson and I just had to get together and come up with a hangout plan with her. We like to come up with different plans each time a friend of ours come home from Germany—a Returnee committee, if you will. So, in addition to the karaoke, hotpot party and museum-hopping we did before, we decided to hit the bowling alley this time. First, we assembled at Iva's house, because it was the centre point of all our houses. We met up around lunch time and went straight to Warung MJS for a good ol' traditional buffet. It was such a gorgeous place to eat, with a great selection of food and drinks and wonderful service—also incredibly affordable too! Unfortunately, I didn't take a lot of pictures there, except this really awesome photo of the massive amount of food we ordered. Afterwards, it was bowling time! None of us really knew how to bowl—despite the fact that I've done it before—so it was all up to luck for us (lol). Edwin got the highest score the first set and then Iva got the lead. It was too much fun, there was no time for photos! Lastly, we ended up sitting at a local cafĂ© for hours just catching up and reminiscing and talking about various topics. 

old top + dress + socks // American Apparel (R.I.P) hair bow // hand-me-down purse // MKS shoes // photos by Edwin

There is a certain comfort that comes with those friends that have been with you for years, despite being geographically apart and may not even keep in contact on a daily basis. Our circumstances have definitely changed since we first met, our personalities may have grown over the years, and yet we still have pretty much the same dynamics. With these guys, it almost doesn't matter where we are, I am instantly transported back to Karlsruhe or Paris or Hannover or wherever we once ventured together. At the same time, we've all definitely changed in various ways. For instance, I now blog openly in front of them, but their support is so surreal to me. In fact, when Edwin and I were taking these photos, Iva commented on one of my poses, "That pose is so Bivi!"—and then to the others—"seriously, if you go to her blog, you'd see her posing like that all the time!" Edwin also often likes my outfit photos on instagram. Those are seriously touching. The only thing I wish was here is Firu—it would've been awesome to have the full team.

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