Monday, 7 August 2017

And It Was All Yellow

 Twin House

Woohoo! It's another outfit photo session with Tasha! Earlier this month, we met up again for one of our OOTD outing, as I once called it, to this cute little restaurant hidden behind the busy streets of Cipete: Twin House. Whenever we do this, Tasha is always the one who chooses the location and they almost always end up looking really, really instagrammable—and bloggable too! Not only is the location so adorable, but the food and drinks are actually not bad—I would recommend their Wild Mushroom Angel Hair, it is divine! The place is divided into two small house-like structures, with quite a wide backyard—in the middle of which sits a long table over a picnic blanket, surrounded by colourful beanbag chairs—located at the end of a small road leading away from the main street. So, it's no surprise that the place was a hotspot for outfit shots—everyone who went there that day took turns snapping shots of their friends one way or another. It was somehow a real busy day when we went; there was a lookbook shoot, a bridal shower, a social gathering and a multitude of social media indulgence. But we made sure to get out of everyone's way—the staff's, most of all.

Hand-me-down shirt + purse // old hat + boots + socks // Book of Deer dress // photos by Tasha

When Tasha dropped me a line and asked me to go on this outing, my mind quickly raced to the outfit I should wear. Then I remember that I haven't shown the other item from Book of Deer that I purchased two months ago on the blog, so here it is.  At first, I wanted to wear it on its own the first time, but since I was too lazy to go wax my pits, I decided to just wear this shirt underneath. In my head, I feel like that outfit would go so well with twin plaits and boots—topped off with some sort of hat. When I look in the mirror, it suddenly dawned on me that I look almost exactly like Laura Ingalls or Anne of Green Gables—but I've only ever read the Little House series, so I feel like I was channeling my inner Laura. These plaits, by the way, took such a long time for me to pull off, because I'm suck tremendously at girly things like hairstyling—and, guess what, they're still super messy. Lastly, it was only after I got home did I realise that I was wearing a dress adorned in vinyl prints and Tasha was wearing a The Who t-shirt. Funny, eh? As if it's not already obvious, it's only natural that I should take the title from a (famous) song lyric.

P.S: I feel like I need to say that I'm so happy to get to know Tasha. Every time we see each other, I'm very, very sure that she's one of the most beautiful people I've ever known in my whole life and—as is the case with the rest of them—her physical beauty is the least interesting part of her whole self. Check out her Instagram for outfit deets!

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