Tuesday, 1 August 2017

July in Overview

Fun Fact: there's actually a smuggled-in bubble tea in my tote bag

July has always been Firu's month. His birthday was early, our anniversary was somewhere in the middle—so I've been thinking a lot about him lately. Earlier this month, I also visited his family to give them souvenirs from the holiday—but ended up receiving so much more from them. It's been a roller coaster of a month: had to transition back to the daily routine, forced to accept that the pen tablet Firu gave me 6 years ago died, still preparing for a not-so-new chapter of my life, went back to swimming after 2 or so years, and, ultimately, missing Firu every single day. There were some awfully terrible parts, there were some ecstatically amazing parts, but either way life goes on. I'm very happy with the response I got from people regarding our LDR and, knowing that I'm not alone, makes me want to give strength to others on the same boat. The greatest lesson of this month: people are better when you meet them in the flesh—because perceptions and personas can scare you.

Currently Reading

In sharp contrast to the previous month, in July I read almost religiously—back to normal, I guess you could say. During the holiday, I bought a couple Indonesian books, because I only brought one that I finished reading almost straight away. And so, I started the month with the Hari Anjing-Anjing Menghilang (a compilation of short stories taking the theme of the '98 Riots) followed shortly after by Bajak Laut & Purnama Terakhir by Adhitya Mulya (a hilarious historical fiction of pirates and Indonesian myths), which reminds me a great deal of Pirates of the Carribean. Afterwards, I continued on with my Artemis Fowl run, diving into the second—and personally my least favourite—book, The Arctic Incident. Lastly, I finally joined in on Goodreads Indonesia challenge and dived into a memoir, The Devil that Danced on the Water by Aminatta Forna—you might recognise the name from my Reading Diversely video. After this, I think I'll dive into the prematurely borrowed Dilan series from one of my cousins.

Currently Watching

Film-wise, I seem to have been in the mood for comedy, because—although I don't watch strictly comedy this month—those are the ones I remember, mostly caught on live TV. Earlier this month, I saw Love & Friendship—a period comedy based on Jane Austen's "Lady Susan"—and found the main character to be insufferable, yet for some reason cherished and loved by those around her. There was also Election—a '90s comedy about a high school class president election that changes everyone's lives—that I find to be painfully hilarious. And to see Reese Witherspoon so young! Sitcom-wise, I've been addicted to family comedy Kevin Can Wait and The Mick—well, the latter might not be family-friendly. I've always been charmed by Kevin James's comedy and only recently found Kaitlin Olson's performance to be something I would enjoy. Lately, it feels like not many comedy sitcoms are family-friendly anymore, so to watch something like Kevin Can Wait is quite nostalgic yet refreshing. It's somewhere along the line of According to Jim and My Wife and Kids, which I'd loved in the past.

Currently Listening

Again, music-wise, I haven't been exploring much. I've just been going back to old favourites, mainly The Lumineer's album Cleopatra. I was first intrigued by the namesake song, but later found that all the other songs in that album comprised a whole picture. I'm absolutely in love with the full music video! Aside from the song I've already mentioned, I also adore Sleep on the Floor—I find the story in the video to be painfully sweet—and I just love the American road trip feel of the whole rhythm. There is a degree of loneliness and content that comes with the figure Cleopatra—and after listening to the story behind the album, I can't seem to look away. Otherwise, I've also been playing Marion Raven's At the End of the Day on repeat. It's a bittersweet love song that, to me, makes a whole lot sense.

Highlight of the Month

Exploring Madura with the family // last night of holiday with the cousins :'( // second purchase from Book of Deer // lovely drinks at Asagao Coffee House + chocolate pralines from The Brownhare // R.I.P. my dearest Wacom! // the most adorable packaging from The Hoppers Drink // going back to swimming again after 2 years // participating in this month's #TantanganBacaGRI // exhibition-hopping with some uni-mates

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