Sunday, 20 August 2017

Pasta Pals

 Warung Pasta

Earlier this week something exciting happened: I met up again with Amel! In case you missed it, we met up once before—after months of missing each other—and I was so excited to see her again. She even popped up in my dreams the prior night—not kidding. Amel just happens to be in Jakarta around this week, not really for an event or anything, so we decided to meet up again. I thought it would be nice to visit a quite good place for photos with affordable prices. It didn't end up being one of those hyped up places most bloggers/influencers have photo sessions at, but we had a right ol' time laughing and talking about all sorts of things—with good food too! It also happens to be both of our first time at Warung Pasta—which apparently has quite a lot of branches around Java. We both quite love the food and totally got a full-course meal there. Afterwards, we sauntered to a nearby mall because Amel was on the hunt for some sartorial items—expect to spot it on her blog/instagram soon-ish—and I wanted bubble tea. We stayed out a bit late and went on our separate ways around dinner time. So excited to see her again next week!

thrifted dress via The Brave Life // thrifted skirt + loafers // Sis's socks + purse // Oh My Bows (R.I.P) hair bow //

outfit photos by Amel

Earlier that day Amel had a photo session with a local rental store, so she showed up earlier at the meeting spot and recorded bits of her outfit on her instagram story. When I saw what she was wearing, my mind immediately raced to all the pieces I own that I could put together to match her cuteness—you can see her whole outfit here. At the same time, I'm still at the goal of wearing the clothes that I hardly ever did on the blog and this dress from Elizabeth definitely falls into that category. Although it's a great fit and incredibly cute, I just always found it difficult to remix because it stands so well on its own. But this time I decided to try pairing it with one of my favourite bottom pieces—this thrifted polkadot number. It just so happens that the restaurant we went to has a mural in it—okay, I totally checked—and the colour schemes matches my whole outfit. Also, here's a styling from the original owner from her blog.

Elizabeth of The Brave Life (previously Delightfully Tacky)

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