Monday, 20 March 2017

Urban Concrete Jungle

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The other day a couple middle school buddies of mine—and a couple of their high school mates—and I went out after around 8 years of not seeing each other. It felt kind of surreal, that it made me absolutely nervous to see them again. And it was almost 10 years ago that we last hung out together too—wow, can't believe middle school was so long ago! But then we met up and, it turns out, they hadn't changed one bit—at least in all the ways that mattered—and I was quickly put at ease. It went amazingly well, until I overthought—as always—and accidentally left early. It's less frustrating and more humiliatingly funny, to be honest. It's just an instant reminder that I've become much more serious and deliberate then when I was 14. And, God, did I do so many more embarrassing deeds back then! But it's like I didn't even bat an eyelash. Ah, youth—a time when you're completely free and innocent, so thoughtless it's charming. In the end, my friends told me to just loosen up next time, it's not like we haven't known each other for over a decade. Well, I'm just happy to know there's a "next time."

Hand-me-down shirt + backpack + pants // thrifted vest // unethical boots // photos by Cafa

So, uhh, yeah, these photos were obviously—or not so obviously—not taken during that hangout I mentioned earlier. They were taken by my brother, who turns out to be a pretty awesome photographer—in case you missed it on my instagram. The crazy thing is he doesn't actually know anything about photography but has a great eye for composition—just like Galuh, to be honest. Now, a little story about the outfit: yes, I made an unethical purchase recently. In fact, it was during the last post. After the photos were taken, the soles of the shoes came off and, well, I didn't have any spare ones, so I bought a pair. It's actually from a brand that I used to like back in high school—but because it's unethical, I won't mention it. Hopefully, this pair will last me a good decade before it deteriorates. Aside from those, the rest of this outfit are, thankfully, ethically acquired. Do you guys even remember this vest? It's been a good 2 years since the last time I wore it. Thought I'd never wear it again, but lo and behold.

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