Wednesday, 1 March 2017

February in Overview

Still sticking with this new format, I'm afraid not much has changed. I guess I have been in full consumption-mode, with books, music, films, and food. I've just gained probably around 500gr, but it made all the difference. So—perhaps a bit too late—I decided to start working out again towards the end of the month. Honestly, I haven't been working out in so long, that my body ached for the next two days afterwards. Wow, signs of getting old? I think so! After watching this TED talk, I thought I ought to start getting my life together and straighten things out.

Currently reading
It was another month of reading a The Keys to the Kingdom book, specifically the Grim Tuesday one, plus a manga series. This time I opted for something more gore and less dainty—and more volumes—with a series called Alive: The Final Evolution. It tells the story of aliens and superpowers, but also of youth and friendship. It feels like a mix of Mirai Nikki and Kingdom Hearts. Only after re-reading it this month did I realise that I never actually read the story until the end. It's such an absolute thrill and, well, quite explains the music I was in the mood for.

Currently watching
The anime mood has gone full force this month. I've been checking out several Japanese animated movies that I either have been wanting to watch for months or I just happened to stumble upon and love. First off, there is バケモノの子 (The Boy and the Beast), which is definitely a must-watch from a couple years ago. It's from the makers of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and Wolf Children. Absolutely love the story and the characters! Tissue might be necessary. There was also 心が叫びたがってるんだ (Anthem of the Heart), with Masayoshi Tanaka as the character designer. The story is very cute and so thoughtful—with quite an unexpected ending. Lastly, there's ねらわれた学園 (Psychic School Wars), though I don't think the English title fits the story quite right. The graphic is amazing and I can so relate to the main character.

In terms of series, I tried out several and they could be a hit or miss. There were a lot, but only a select few stuck to my heart. I was in the mood for really laid back, chill series with minimal storyline, so I really enjoyed series like Flying Witch and Tari Tari—also Red Data Girl, because it's set in the countryside for the most part. There was also something unexpected like Plastic Memories, which I watched just out of the blue, but really got me in the guts and made me weep throughout the last episode. The most recent and memorable series that I finished was recommended by my brother, 坂道のアポロん (Kids on the Slope). It's set in the post-war era—perhaps around 1940s to 1950s—and revolves around Jazz. The story got me in all the right places, and I can't believe how hooked I was. Thanks, bro!

Currently listening
Galileo Galilei has been stuck in my mind this month. I just recently listened back to their OP for Ano Hana and I suddenly had bouts of nostalgia. So much so, that I actually created this playlist—which got a lot of editing the first few days of its publication. If you feel like listening to songs that remind you of youth and friendship, go ahead and have a listen! It's just too bad that, only after getting so hooked by their songs, I found out that they disbanded just last year. I guess no more new feels from them then.

Highlight of the month

a WIP of one of my final projects // post-exam book haul // rekindling friendship (if there ever was) with Gita // fun photoshoot with Tasha

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