Monday, 13 March 2017

Homemate 家族

It's actually funny to see so many food bloggers there at once

 Pelaspas Dharmawangsa

Last week Uli, Mimin and I met up for some Mexican food at Taco Local. While Uli had introduced this place to Mimin and she became a regular, this was my first time coming here. The place actually consists of a plethora of cafés. It was one building connecting a total of 3-4 eateries. The first time I saw this area was from Oriza's blog, Belle Riso. The best part is, we got to just sit in one place and order a food from the other places as well. We started off with a selection of Mexican food—Uli ordered tacos, Mimin ordered quesadilla, I ordered burrito and nachos for the table. For someone who'd never eaten proper Mexican food before, I had no idea how filling a burrito could be—and could only finish one half of it. Nevertheless, we moved on to giant servings of kakigori (Japanese shaved ice) from Homemate. Mimin ordered the strawberry with—I want to say—caramel sauce adorned with small raisins, while Uli and I shared the green tea option—with green tea syrup. The ice was super smooth and the green tea was remarkably delicious.

old batik dress + cut-out shoes // batik ribbon (from this dress) // Sis's skirt // hand-me-down purse // outfit photos by Uli

Aside from the great food, the architecture and interior of the eatery was also very, very lovely. I fell in love with it at first sight. I guess I wasn't the only one, because there were a lot of food bloggers around then too—constantly moving around the food to get the best shot. At first, I thought they were taking photos for the new menu, but it soon became clear to me that they were bloggers. In fact, Hans from Eat and Treats—whom I follow on instagram—came a bit later. For a second there, our eyes met and lingered, and I thought: "Does he recognise me?" but I guess he was staring only because I was, ha! It's too bad that I was super stuffed before I could eat everything the place had to offer, because I really would love to try But First Coffee's canele and cakes. Rest assured, I will definitely come back here sometime!

P.S: Wave goodbye to these shoes because you ain't going to see them on the blog no more!

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