Sunday, 5 March 2017

A Desperate Attempt

Sometime last week Tasha and I met up again for another photoshoot...kind of thing. I don't really have many local influencer friends, so it's always a pleasure to catch up with her and take photos of each other. You can hop on over to her instagram to see her outfit, by the way. Thankfully, this time we didn't have to wait a year to do this again. We visited the site we met up in last time too, since Tasha said she spotted some great new areas for photoshoots there. The place was gorgeous, but a security guard forbid us from taking photos. So we moved to another location, where another security guard told us off again. Man! What the hell? In the end, we decided to just stick to the deserted locations, where no security guard would care to even notice us. It was kind of exhausting. Next time, we'll make sure to go somewhere camera-friendly. Hopefully, it will be sometime this year.

vintage shirt + loafers // old socks // Oh My Bows hairbow (giveaway!) // Book of Deer skirt // hand-me-down purse // 

photos by Tasha

Finally another styling of this quirky Book of Deer skirt. It's just such an easy skirt to wear, that I'm not sure how to style it for the blog. For me, this skirt falls under the casual category—I love wearing it around the house and to classes, with a simple graphic t-shirt on top. But, of course, for the blog one needs more effort than that. This look was really quickly put together, though—a desperate attempt to wear more items that I rarely showcase on the blog. Wish I spared more time to think about it, because this look is absolutely all over the place. Exhibit A: my hairbow. I can't believe how lopsided and disorderly it was the whole day. It would have been better to let my hair loose perhaps. Plus, I felt like the outfit was so out of place in the location. Ugh. Don't even start with my physical attributes. I'm not in the most confident state at the moment. Have you ever felt like that about an outfit? How did you overcome it?

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