Monday, 27 February 2017

Mix It Up a Notch: Short Denim Dungaree

This denim number from a retail store, I think, is the last clothing item purchase I made in Germany. It was definitely the last time I relapsed on purchasing from unethical retail stores. It hasn't actually been worn all that often, because I bought this as I was leaving Germany and pieces like this are rather scandalous in Indonesia. Plus, after my significant weight gain, the shorts refused to fit me anymore. Then it fit me for a while, and now I'm back to being too snug for it. This is probably also the only impractical piece of clothing that I own. When I wear it, I forget that I can't simply take the pants of in the toilet, but would need to strip all the way down to do my 'business.' The really cute cut and lovely material make up for its impracticality, though. I love the little detail on the breast pocket! Now I'm just waiting for more sunny days and smaller thighs to finally fit into this darling again.

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