Saturday, 17 September 2016

Monster in Disguise

Towards the end of last month, one of my absolute favourite street artists darbotz held a solo exhibition. You might remember his work from this post last year—or, more likely, if you live in Jakarta, you would have seen his works popping up here and there on the streets. The exhibition is called Monster in Disguise #2, which is the continuation—I think—of the exhibition he had in Singapore in 2009. Though it's been going on since a week before I left for Surabaya, I first knew of the exhibition only after I was at my Grandparents'. Thankfully, it went on for a few days after I'd gone back, so I asked my sister to accompany me there. I don't think I've ever known darbotz to hold an exhibition locally before, so I'm just used to frolicking the streets of Jakarta in the hopes of finding his latest piece. They're always so secluded too, and darbotz never reveals his locations. This is actually nice, for a change.

Sis's top // old dress + hat + purse + socks // MKS ankle boots // photos by Akita

When I planned to go to this exhibition, I already thought up a thematic outfit, trying to match my clothes to the artworks—not unlike last time, really. This time I'm going a little more subtle, borrowing a piece from my sister's less-crazy wardrobe. Originally I wanted to keep it almost entirely black-and-white—with my pair of black-and-white striped socks—but I couldn't seem to find them anywhere. These things about socks, am I right? As usual, nothing in this outfit is new—in fact, you should be able to find them all on the blog before. I've never really talked about it but I haven't purchased any clothing time since my Book of Deer purchase in January. I feel quite proud of myself, actually, but I think by the time this post reaches you, I'd have one (thrifted) addition to my wardrobe. Eep! Can't wait to share it with you guys. Watch this space!

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