Thursday, 1 September 2016

August in Overview

Excited about...
If there's anything I will look forward to, it's Divina's wedding! Eep! Hers is probably the first chill wedding of a friend's that I'd ever have to attend—not have to, have the pleasure to. Anyway, last month I—and a couple friends of hers—helped her design the backdrop for her photo booth at her engagement ceremony. She said we're going to have to do it again for the wedding, so yeah. Also, we might have another clothing swap this year too—she lost the last one's video footage :'( Please look forward to that!

Currently reading...
A Nation In Waiting: Indonesia in the 1990s by Adam Schwartz. When I was staying with my grandparents last week, I got quite bored because I managed to finish the only book I brought before I even got to Surabaya. After a bit of rummaging, I found this book—which I almost bought secondhand out of curiosity. The reign of Soeharto is one of the most controversial times of Indonesian history, I believe. There is a huge mystery surrounding his presidency and I thought it's high time I find out more about it. This book really tries to be impartial, which I think is important in a non-fiction and makes it easier to believe the facts. The economic and political terminologies make me do a double take over and over again.

Currently watching...
The Michalaks. My sister introduced them to me and, at first, I was sceptical. I mean, how good can a vlogging channel be? Especially one about the daily life of a family—it's been done one too many times that it stops being interesting to me. But the other week I actually sat down to check them out and I'm quickly blown away by their editing, cinematography and camera-handling. It looks so professionally made, as if the vlogs were parts of an indie movie of some sorts. Absolutely brilliant! And Gracie is super adorable! I love how Stefan and Hannah tend to talk about real things and definitely don't do the over-the-top selling of sponsors.

Currently listening...
The Paper Kites. I actually discovered this Australian quintet back in 2012. Their mellow tune is so peaceful and it gives me the feeling of roaming through forests. Their songs are the kind of songs suitable for any season, though I mostly listen to them in the summer—not intentionally. I've even created an artwork inspired by Mortal Boy King years ago—you have to dig deep into my instagram to find it, though. Aside from that, Featherstone and Paint are my favourite pieces of theirs.

Thinking about...
Frankly, going back to class. I can't believe how unwilling I am to go back to that daily routine. Just thinking about it makes my will to live drop by at least 30%. Remember last year when I was so excited? Yeah, what was I thinking? Otherwise, I'm just thinking about hoarding/saving up as many outfit posts as possible so that when I'm too busy to care about what I wear, the blog will still be quite active. Sneaky, huh?

Other highlights:
This month was about visiting plenty of art exhibitions, creating art for other people and doing projects with friends. It was also the month that I went to see my grandparents and explore new nooks and crannies of Surabaya. I was reunited with my uncles, aunts and cousins and I have never felt so loved before—I feel really disconnected from most people at this age, somehow. My spirit for adventures and discovery is burning bright and hot once again. Hopefully, I'll get to see tons of other historical sites in not-so-good ol' Jakarta before class starts. Ooh! And there's also a guest post over on Mox and Socks by yours truly today! Please do come by and say hello!

Designed a dress for Cynthia's birthday // some of the books for sale on my shop // some of the clothes for sale on my shop // helping out Divina for her engagement ceremony // visiting an art exhibition with my sis // behind the scene of an upcoming blog post // Happy Independence Day! // vegan reunion with Rezy // sisters unleashed at a street art exhibition
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