Saturday, 24 September 2016

Ethical Fashion: Swedish Hasbeens

If we talked about bags last month, this month we'll be talking about another accessory, which is actually essential in everyday life—if you want to go out and about to see the world, anyway. Meet Swedish Hasbeens, a Swedish brand specialising in clogs! The brand was founded in 2006 in Stockholm, inspired by a 1970s mother named Anita. Their designs still derive from original models of the '70s and handmade in respect to people and the environment, collaborating with small factories which have been making shoes for decades and using vegetable leather. Their leathers are all of the ecologically prepared natural grain variety, chosen for its beauty, high quality and sustainability. Three years after its establishment, Swedish Hasbeens became one of the fastest growing Swedish fashion brand, selling in over 20 countries.

With their slogan. 'Better shoes for a better world,' Swedish Hasbeens vows to always take the environment into account and to always treat their workers fairly. They believe that sustainability, creativity and quality should never be sacrificed for short-term profitability and fear of failure. They swear by the quality of their products, using durable materials, such as naturally tanned leather, lime tree and alder wood. Using natural materials, Swedish Hasbeens hopes to produce shoes which will last for generations, thus minimising the amount of waste produced.

The name 'hasbeen' itself has a deep meaning behind it. It represents the inspiration that drives the brand into its success and determination. It marks their unwillingness to bow down to corporate thinking of merely searching for profit and fitting oneself into the public trend. Swedish Hasbeens keep true to the traditional way of shoemaking, with the help of skilled artisans who have been involved in the industry for generations. They also believe in self-expression, regardless of what the current trend is or what would look perfect on the pages of a fashion magazine.

Ever since I spotted Swedish Hasbeens on A Beautiful Mess, I've been lusting after them forever. They have the most old-fashioned yet stylish designs and each shoe looks really comfortable to wear. If I had to choose one to be my favourite, I think I'd go with their Agneta design. It just looks like it could be a classic in my wardrobe—or shoe rack? I've thrifted a pair of clogs before and they've served me rather well. I could only imagine what a high quality, durable pair could feel like on my feet. So which one is your favourite pair?

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