Monday, 12 September 2016

Atlas of the Heart

Red Line, Haris Purnomo, mixed media, 3 of 8 of the series 

Around this time last month—well, actually plus 6 days—I went to Surabaya to visit the grandparents since I didn't get to do that during the holidays. If you follow my instagram, you might have known that, though. During my stay there, I had one day free to myself to go roaming about town and exploring little nooks and crannies that I didn't know about before. This was a long process for reasons I choose not to disclose, but anyway. My first destination was Balai Pemuda, which is this old building from 1907 which used to be a clubhouse specifically for the Dutch and now is being used for cultural events. I went there with low expectations and found the place to be quite deserted, safe for the tourist information centre, a public library and several school children rehearsing for something. Just as I was leaving, the door of the previously closed gallery opened and it turns out there is a solo exhibition by Haris Purnomo at the moment, called Atlas Tubuh (Atlas of the Body).

The exhibition was filled with massive hyperrealistic paintings with surrealist touches and intricate meanings. There were also a few installations there, including the awesome trash-adorned dining room, which you can see in almost-full view down below. It is made out of actual garbage, though I don't know if the artist picked it out of other people's trash cans or they were produced by himself. The guard—an art student/disciple, I assume—told me that it was actually in parallel to another solo exhibition held at Visma Gallery, so off I went. The gallery had a more elegant and formal feel to it, though no one was there when I arrived. There were plenty more installations and paintings to behold, but none as great as the dining room. My second favourite, though, is the Red Line series above. You might still be able to download the catalogue here, by the way.

Interior of Taste, Haris Purnomo, mixed media installation

Hand-me-down top + sandals // thrifted skirt // old hat // Polette sunglasses (giveaway!)

So, uhh, due to the long process I briefly brushed on above, I couldn't take the outfit photos outside—though I think it would still be plausible. The outfit photos were taken prior to me going to the exhibitions at my grandparents' house. At the time, I really wanted to take photos at an old building, but—let's be honest—my grandparents' house is also very old. It's been around since around the 1960s, I think, though it's undergone tons of renovations since. I think I mentioned before that this is the house my parents' love bloomed and the majority of my childhood was basically spent. It's become quite different from what I remember as a child, but even more different from the way it was when both my parents lived here. It's become a sort of dream of mine to live here someday, but I guess I'll have to check up with my future family.

As far as grandparents go, there are no other two people in the world who could make you feel like an eternal child like them—which has its plus and minus side. The minus: they can be quite overprotective and that really suffocates me. Despite having an ID, driver's license and my own money now, they still think I need to be looked after 24/7. The plus: they still spoil you rotten. They always ask what I want to eat, they buy me almost anything I want at the grocery store and they give me little gifts I'll always cherish—like these sandals actually. They used to belong to my Grandma and now I'll love them forever—well, until they break at least. Also, apologies to people who have pet peeves for feet closeups, especially since you have to see my disgusting ones.

P.S: Mr. Haris Purnomo was also the one who recreated one of the paintings for the 1771 Exhibition at Galeri Nasional!

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