Monday, 1 February 2016

January in Overview

Excited about...
Semester break! I feel like it's the one thing I've been excited about lately. But—I gotta tell ya!—I'm quite sick of uni at this point and a little break—only two weeks! I know, crazy—is more than what I need. I've got plans to hang out with Iva, Gina and the gang and Cindy so I'm super thrilled. Also, I'm thinking about visiting Cynthia in Bandung soon. Can't wait!

Currently reading...
Tenun Ikat: Indonesia's Ikat Weaving Traditions. This is a book published by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, so it isn't for sale. It is meant solely for informational purposes for foreigners—or locals, like me—who want to find out more about the history and art of ikat weaving. It's taught me quite a lot as I didn't know much about this art form before—I know, shame on me. Such a shame that it's not made to be more accessible for foreigners out there, but you can probably read this one too to get the same information. 

Currently watching...
Koinaka (恋仲): a Japanese drama series of 9 episodes which told the story of three high school friends tied in a love triangle relationship in their 20s. It is filled with inside references to One Piece and nostalgic feels. I love the heroine! It's rare since usually Japanese dramas have annoying or weak main female characters, but Akari knows what she wants and goes for it, although sometimes she hesitates on it. Aoi (Miura), on the other hand, gotta man up! The ending was perfectly adrenaline-kicking but I loved it!

Listening to...
nothing new, just some mellow tunes because I'm feeling melancholic lately. They are mostly songs I listened to when I used to live in Germany, taking my mind back to those days. Some of my favourites are: Lakehouse by Of Monsters and Men, Downpour by Brandi Carlile, Wish You Well by Katie Herzig and Victim to Charm by Wild Child. It's so hard to hold back tears when these are playing...especially with the rain pouring outside.

Thinking about...
really, really get into the Zero Waste culture. Although doing so in Indonesia is close to impossible—especially when you're not the one doing the shopping, cooking, washing and cleaning—I'd really like to at least get closer to an environmentally friendly way of living as opposed to how I have been walking on this earth so far. This will require great commitment and a lot of effort—also knowledge—so if you guys want to recommend something for me or have any tips on how to start, please do let me know.

Hanging out full team after months, since Gina's in town! // trois crayon study perfected by Alex // Brilias hangout + floating books // first print purchase from Valerie (thanks for the free set!) // that long day in Jakarta when disaster struck... // Fancy Sunday Lunch is a weekly occurrence // FINALLY Book of Deer's in my house! (thanks for the free skirt!) // cupcake hunting and trespassing with Cynthia // refreshing after final project stress with my best friends

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