Monday, 22 February 2016


Last Wednesday I was lucky enough to attend an illustration workshop with Kamo-sensei. In case you don't know who she is, Kamo-sensei is a quite well-known Japanese illustrator who specialises in cute illustrations using pens. Her style is super cute and unique! The workshop was called Kawaii Illustration Workshop. She actually managed to hold two workshops two days in a row, one in Japan Foundation and one at Gramedia, a local bookstore—I joined the latter. She held the workshop in Japanese, with the help of an interpreter. My friend Jess also joined the workshop. Kamo-sensei in person is really adorable and kind too. Her teaching method is incredibly easy to follow. She gave each of us two postcards she prepared beforehand to take home. I will take good care of it forever! As the workshop was sponsored by ZEBRA, we were given some of their pens to bring home. It wasn't much for most people perhaps, but free stationery is always welcome in my world. 

H&M dress + overknee socks // 1982 varsity jacket // C&A hat // Picard backpack (all old) // MKS ankle boots // photos by Jessica

In 2016 opportunity is something I'd like to have in abundance. Whenever I see an opportunity to learn, to earn money, to contribute to the people and to be a better person, well, I would like to think that I will grab at it right away. Of course, this is not always the case. Sometimes I put it off to a point that it will no longer be available and I would've missed out. When that happens, sometimes I would be sorry, I would regret it greatly, but sometimes I would be indifferent. Either way, I would rather be the person who tried and failed than a person who gave up before a fight. When I say opportunity, it means something that I can acquire with my current state of mind, state of finance and state of schedule. Sometimes it means choosing between two choices, sometimes it means working hard toward making it happen. But, whether or not the opportunity opens new doors for me, I would know that it's worth a shot. All the time.

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