Thursday, 25 February 2016

Ethical Fashion: Diario de Una Couturier

Diario de Una Couturier is a unique ethical brand for me, because they found me first. But from the very beginning, I couldn't stop falling in love with their products. It is an ethical clothing line based in Barcelona and Berlin. Each item is handmade with love in small local workshops. Their concept is all about femininity, gentleness and romanticism, packaged in the minimalism of their silhouette and the striking natural colours of their pieces. Their goal is to come back to the fashion origins, to the elegance based on simplicity and basic skills. It's perfect for a modern woman who seeks unique, high quality pieces and comfort.

It wasn't until less than a year ago that DDUC finally opened an online store and less than five months ago they finally set up an independent website. Previously, they operated from their instagram account—which is still active. Unlike most clothing lines, DDUC doesn't comply to the seasonal collection rule. They create a collection when they're ready, taking time to work their magic for the best quality and design. Whenever you see the finished product, you know it is worth it.

My favourite collection of their is actually the SS 2015 one. All the pinafores just get me! There was a point when I almost purchased one but realised the size wouldn't fit me—and it was clearance so it wasn't possible to get another one. What I love most about DdUC is their lookbook shoots. It is always so raw and simple, with the optimal use of natural lighting and everyday pose. This was also the only collection I've seen so far, where they've included shoes in as well. All the denim is also amazingly well-done. My favourite is the striped dungaree. DdUC is currently working on their next collection and I'm stocked to see what it's going to be like.

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