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Illustrators Arise: David Ardinaryas Lojaya

What's up, creative crowds! How are you doing this morning? Hope it's been awesome 'cause I've got some great news: it's time for another edition of Illustrators Arise! Woohoo! In case you're unfamiliar with it, it is where I introduce my favourite illustrators from all over the world every month through an interview so you guys can read along and get to know them too. Now I'd like to continue the Indonesia feature with another talented and unique illustrator, David Ardinaryas Lojaya. His work first appeared before me in this poll to pitch an Indonesian folktale to Pixar. Though I didn't look him up straight away, Instagram helped me discover his other works. Now David lives in Bandar Lampung and spends his time either drawing, watching movies or traveling.

Hello there, David! Shall we begin with what introduced you to the world of illustration and why you continue at it?

Hey there Bivi, thanks for having me here! To answer that question, we have to go back in time into my childhood time haha. Basically, I really like watching cartoons since I was a kid. Well, which kid who does'nt like cartoon anyway. But it kinda grew on me until high school and I chose to enter an art college. During the pre art college time, I only drew in my free time, and I’ve never really considered it as my future. The only reason why I continue is because of my passion in art and animation!

Did you go to an art school? If yes, what did you think of the experience and would you recommend art schools in general to other people?
Yes I went to an art college. I would say it’s fifty fifty. You kinda need it or not. These internet era is really helpful for artist and others to learn more without school. But I would recommend an online art class, it’s effective and affordable.

What kind of materials do you usually use?
I do everything on digital medium mostly, using photoshop and a pen tablet, but sometimes I sketch on paper too!

Your illustration style is rather unique since you’re using ambient occlusion from a 3D technique. What made you try this technique and what have you learnt from using it so far?

Thanks! I took an animation major in art college, so I had a lot of 3D classes in the later semester. So, I learnt about Ambient occlusion and other 3D stuffs there. But I tried to apply it on painting when I saw Sam Nielson’s tutorial on Ambient Occlusion. He’s an amazing artist and one of my inspirations. This AO technique is really efficient and very technical for those who wanted to achieve a 3D look.

Even though you have almost a disney-esque style, erotica seems to be your specialty. What attracted you to it and where do you get your inspirations?
Hahaha, actually not really! I just started to draw those pin up characters because of my patreon. I need to make a click bait images lol. I was kidding about the click bait though.
So, yeah, I’m actually closing my patreon last month, so there would be rare to see erotic images from me again.

I love your annual Visual Development Portfolio. When did you start this and what inspired you to do so?
Thanks a lot! I’m making this annual portfolio because I actually need it for jobs to be honest. Also it’s because of my passion in animation, so I like to imagine myself making an animation film. I started making portfolio since my art college year, they encouraged the student to make portfolio to enter the industry world. But my early portfolio was bad, so I challenged myself to do it again. And because I’m a freelance artist now, I need to update my portfolio just to attract clients ;)

King’s Tailor in particular intrigues me greatly. It is so well-shaped and thoroughly designed. Are you interested in turning it into a motion picture/picture book in the future?
Thanks again, you’re so kind! I don’t have any plan to turn it into picture book or motion pictures. I feel like the story is still lack of something, so I’m not quite satisfied with that yet. For story book, maybe yes if someone wanted to sponsor me haha, but film, no.
I stopped the development of “King’s Tailor” and started new project for this year.

You were commissioned to create an illustration for the poll to pitch an Indonesian folktale to Pixar. How did this come about and what do you think of the idea?
Oh yeah, the guy behind the poll, Eben contacted me for a commission. He’s really passionate about the Indonesian folklore and Pixar, so I took the commission. I really like the idea when Pixar wanted to create an Indonesian folklore based film. I think it’s about time they make something out of Indonesian’s culture!
Last year during the premiere of Inside Out in Indonesia, the director Pete Docter actually came to Jakarta. And I had the chance to gave my artbook containing some illustrations from “King’s Tailor” which has a very much Indonesia’s culture influence inside it. So I hope it can gave them basic ideas of what rich culture we have here in Indonesia. But you know, I never knew if he even see the book or not haha.

What does the future look like for David Ardinaryas Lojaya?
I wanted to create something that can influence people. Not only artist, but people in general. I don’t know what would that be yet, but I’m thinking about it.

If a newbie illustrator (such as myself) comes to you for advice, what would you say?
I would say don’t give up, keep working on your dreams! Practice right everyday, and don’t miss life drawing class! Haha. But seriously, just enjoy the process of the drawing, don’t be too hard at pushing your level, it will eventually grow and flow.

A little note from me

The first thing I noticed about David's work is the beautifully exaggerated curves of the outlines. No matter what the object is, it is aesthetically stylised. These curves later on form the flow of the illustration altogether, which makes the whole artwork unique. It also helps the creation of different character designs, which can be adjusted to each of their roles and their personality. The play of lines creates less of a serious and stern feel to his whole style, making them easily received and applicable anywhere. Although he injects a bit of 3D technique into his illustrations, his 2D is still so significantly identifiable to be his. The technique also helps bring the characters and objects to life, while leaving a softer touch of colours to each piece. It would be incredible to see his works on the screen in the future.

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