Friday, 12 February 2016

Everyone Has Idols But I'd Rather Have Friends

Towards the end of last month, my best friends Uli, Cindy and I (plus two more friends) went to a tiny exhibition at Hubble Scoop, which is an ice cream place that just opened. It held an art show on its store opening—and apparently still goes on until now. Prior to going there, I actually didn't know what it was for but the artist lineup was amazing so I just had to go there. The place was incredibly small and the exhibition was held on the second floor—while the store is downstairs. It was held in one tiny room, where you can pretty much see everything from one spot. There were also sketchbooks and stationery to use there, so Cindy and I couldn't resist. Her sketch was amazing as always! You can see ours here and here (can you guess which one mine is?). Afterwards, we had to try the ice cream. I tried one called "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and—while the name is anything but creative—it was really quirky what with the roast beef bits and pancakes put into the mix, yet didn't taste weird at all. Hopefully, they'll hold more exhibitions in the future!

New Yorker top (old) // thrifted denim jacket + sandals // ... maxi skirt // hand-me-down purse // outfit photos by Akita

The outfit photos were actually taken the next week when my sister and I had a bit of a Saturdate, but this was also the outfit I wore to the exhibition. I was ecstatic when I tried to put on this skirt and—although a little tight—it fit me nicely! This was bought last March when I went to Surabaya to visit my grandparents. It hasn't fit me at all since then but I could finally take it out for a spin. Plus, it's my first ever maxi skirt since high school. Sure, I've had a number of longer skirts, but nothing which goes all the way to my ankle. It's orange, which is my favourite colour, but also means that it is hard to pair with anything else. I absolutely love it's flowy—albeit rather thick—material. My sister thinks I look like I just walked out of prison. What do you think?

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