Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A Walk Down Memory Lane~

Happy New Year, everyone! 2014 is here! It's so weird, seriously, because it feels like it was just yesterday I wrote this post to mention some of my adventures in 2012. And now here I again to review the year of 2013. Okay, 2012 was great but 2013 was filled with change. Some I just cannot accept just yet and some I learn to live with. Phew, so here we go!


I did my first ever guest post over at JennifHsieh. There I featured an ongoing town-wide exhibition as part of my special feature from the previous year. This was the month I just got back from holiday and had to hit the books again. Saku-chan came back from Japan and bought me a kimono magazine, which was filled with such beautiful goodies and I shared on the blog. Also, it's this ol' blog's first anniversary! Huzzah! IRL-wise, there wasn't much going on. I just came back from vacation so I was looking for some down time.


This was the first month I started my Illustrators Arise feature where I interview Geneviève Godbout. She was such a lovely person and it was such a wonderful opportunity! This month, I didn't get to see Firu at all. My Dad's birthday came up and I baked cupcakes for him (well, kinda). He didn't get to taste them at all but I did take pictures for them in the hopes that he'd at least get a whiff of them. This was the last month of my first semester in uni. It was a lot of fun! I got to do a presentation on the Eiffel Tower! (Yes, I'm a geek).


March was a big month for me! First, the snow didn't stop falling. Also, I did a huge blog makeover and started selling my stuff online (which you can now find here). It was time for some transition. IRL-wise, I got to watch Lucy Rose LIVE in Cologne with Saku-chan. We both stayed the night at my friend Cindy's place, where we also hung out with her boyfriend Slava. And guess what? Firu came from Duisburg to join in on the fun. It was a blast! Afterwards, he came home with me to Kassel. I shared some green tips in commemoration of Earth Hour the next week. At the end of the month, it was the easter holiday and Saku-chan and I stayed at Firu's for 5 days. We went exploring places and met up with Iva. Yep, March was great!


Firu moved to Mülheim and after Saku-chan went home, I helped Firu paint his room. It was a lot of work and, man, I don't think I will ever do mural. But it was a definitely quirky design - actually made by Saku-chan. Everyone who first came into the room asks who painted the walls and Firu would give me the stage. This was the month I met Jana in Frankfurt, when I went there as a favour to a friend. It was so fun and enlightening to hang out with someone so wise. The snow finally stopped falling and the cherry blossoms started blooming. With it came Saku-chan's birthday. We had a little get-together, ate quiche and played cards plus listen to the Magnier brothers play accordion and keyboard. Talented people are just so entertaining.


May was filled with events! I think I got broke this month due to paying for train tickets and all. I saw Firu three times this month, which is super nice. I started thinking about ethics in the fashion industry this month. My friends Iva and Wilson (and Firu) came to visit me in Kassel and we explored the town in the sunshine. It was about time that they came and visit me for a change. Firu and I attended the Japantag Festival in Düsseldorf the next week. It was awesome! We bumped into our friend Cosmas there, who we haven't seen in a while. Firu bought an onsen yukata there and I bought an uchiwa - which he then stole from me (  ¬__¬) Sadly, it was a cloudy and windy day and we wore minimal clothing. The fireworks display was so beautiful. We had to ride home with the football fans afterwards, though, since it was also the same day as the final match of the Champion League.


We went to the Sportfest event in Karlsruhe this month. And, by we, I mean pretty much everyone I know on this side of the world. I got reunited with some friends - like Divina - and made new ones. Also, I got to go back to my favourite town in this whole world. It's changed a lot that I could barely recognise it anymore but I still loved it ♥ I also made Firu DIY shoes for his birthday the next month and a video of it in-the-making. There was this small Grand Prix event in memorial of Rudolf Caracciola in Kassel at the end of the month, which I attended and told my brother about. He was so excited about it - he's coocoo for cars. It was kind of fun to look at various old-timer cars passing through. Though I wished I could've ridden on one too.


July means my boy's birthday! I can't believe he is 20 already! He is growing up so fast. We had a little get together at his place with some of his friends. I made some new friends! The next day, we went to a BBQ party and hung out with more friends. It was the best weekend! July also means our third anniversary. We didn't get to spend time together this year but I would soon see him afterwards. These past three years have been amazing. This year I got to take a peek at the Rundgang Exhibition, which is a collective exhibition held every year by my art school. I saw plenty of incredible artworks - including some of my friends' - and I'm so proud to know them. Afterwards, I went over to Firu's and we visited our friend Cosmas in Aachen. We've never been there before but I fell instantly in love with the town. It is so beautiful and still pretty traditional! It was a quick trip but it was good while it lasted.


August was such a crazy month! I only spent a fourth of it at home. Three out of four weekends were spent on the road to or from home. It was filled with sunny days and insane adventures. First of all, Galuh came to Germany. After putting her stuff at my place, we took off to Firu's to celebrate Eidul Fitr together with some friends. I had to wrestle two whole chickens to cook Opor for everyone. The next weekend, Galuh and I hopped on a train to go to my place for a week. Firu later on came along and we both went to Iva's place for a week while she babysat her friends' cat and dog. Edwin and Wilson met with us halfway. We explored some places and cooked so many dishes. It felt like the good ol' days again! Three days after we got back, I took a trip to Bielefeld to see my high school best friend Cynthia. Oh, God, how I've missed her! We ended up just talking while goofing around the uni there but it was so nice to catch up, though only for a few hours. The last weekend of the month, Galuh and I went on a little picnic at the Wilhelmshöhe Park. Too bad it got rained out. It was good while it lasted, though.


After the insane and hectic August, the days grew more mundane and uneventful. Nothing major happened in September. The month started with me losing Galuh as a roommate and gaining a new roommate - who is actually my old roommate from Karlsruhe - Adit. Then I found out that two of my friends became a couple. I shared about ethical fashion again this month. And I received my favourite shirt from Firu. Oh, I love how he looked in it! I finished the scarf I knitted for Firu and myself. Now it is my favourite scarf ever. I'm so glad I knitted it and thinking of doing it again next year - or maybe even sometime soon.


Favourite month of the year alert! Sadly, this was also the month of permanent change. At the beginning of the month, Firu, Iva, Wilson and I got together at Firu's place and explored some places - including Venlo. It was a farewell activity for Wilson since he went back permanently to Indonesia. As I'm looking through all our pictures together, I miss this guy and our memories. Funny, I realise just now we're not going to have fun the way we used to anymore. I also finished re-vamping my room and gave you guys a room tour. This year's birthday was also a lot of fun. Firu came and we threw a small party with some friends. It's nice catching up with my oldest friend, Shasti. Obviously, the month went out with a bang as my roommates and I attended my first ever Halloween party! It was such a blast and I didn't drink any alcohols!


November was yet another quiet and laid-back month. I cooked a lot this month and posted two recipes, Pumpkin Spice Banana Muffin and Lasagna 4 Sehat 5 Sempurna. This was the month I applied for a part-time job and got rejected. The highlight of the month was the Ladies Flea Market held by the university. There were some seriously adorable items. Sadly, my budget could not afford all of them. But I did go home with a few cute items. Saku-chan who came with me also went home with a beauty of her choice. This was also a busy month for my store. I made three sales this month (usually barely even one).


Ah, the last month of the year. This is the month that flew right by but also wasn't quick enough. The busiest month of the semester. Three out of four weeks, I was greeted with presentations and a final exam. But I still managed to have fun by visiting my friend Kumi's exhibition as well as swapping some clothes at the Outfit Swap Party held by the student council of my department. It was plenty fun but I was giddy to spend time with my beloved all month! During the holiday, I 'hosted' - and am actually still hosting - a guest-blogging thing. You can already read some of the posts here. New Year's Eve with some friends - as usual - and I cannot be happier!

This year was about change, about goodbyes and hellos - sometimes simultaneously. Sometimes it's a farewell to a friend, sometimes it's a parting with a certain view I held on to. I wouldn't say this was a bad year. It certainly was a 'real' year, a wake up call, a slap in the face at times. A lot of exciting things happened to me this year and a lot of exciting things ended with the year as well. I guess, since 2011, I've been regarding this life as an endless vacation. But it's not. And 2013 made me realise that. It's hard work and filled with misery at times too - though I guess these pictures don't depict that (haha). Let's go to the score boards:
  1. Become financially responsible (as well as mentally etc. too, though) 
  2. Become more artistically involved in anything (projects, competitions, etc.) 
  3. Learn to love Firu right and stay in a loving relationship with him ♥ ✓✓
  4. Go through with the semester abroad program (find out the infos first)
  5. Experiment more with photography! 
Since all these goals are vague, let me just tell you what I did. I learnt to shop less and even did a budget count for clothes three months ago. I did start doing Pilates every week so I'm also being physically responsible. I've started drawing a lot again and am currently taking a portfolio class so #2 is officially accomplished. Obviously, I'm still in a loving relationship with Firu and learn to grow up ♥ The semester abroad program is a lot more expensive than I thought plus there's barely any information for foreign students. But I might get back to that later. I did take plenty of photos this year and tried different editing methods as well as compositions. Check! Now, here are my new resolutions:
  1. Find a different source of income (preferably a job)
  2. Open an (online) print store
  3. Obviously, stay in a loving relationship with Firu
  4. Experiment more in the kitchen
  5. Be happy

Crossing my fingers that 2014 will be incredible. Do you guys have any resolutions? Do tell!

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