Monday, 13 January 2014

Let's Hear It for the New Year!

January has long started and the atmosphere and festivities of the New Year's have dissipated. Playing catch-up (or have you not read my Christmas post four days ago?), my NYE post is long overdue. But it's here. Up to 2012, Firu and I always spent New Year's Eve the same way since we got to Germany: in Karlsruhe (either at his place when he still lived there or at one of our friends' places). It wasn't a tradition but 2013 was indeed the time for change. And I've got to say, I'm glad for this change.

♪ Au Revoir Simone - Crazy ♪

Our friends Zizi and Dendi just moved to a new place the week before. Firu and I - along with a bunch of other people - helped them settle into their new home. As a sort of housewarming get-together, they invited us to celebrate New Year's at their place. Nelva, Firu's roommate, came along as well with her boyfriend. We started off the 'party' by grilling meat and heating up the hot pot. We definitely ate a lot. Then we played poker whilst watching "The Roommate" and "Tropic Thunder" until 11.30. We went to the streets to light up the fireworks afterwards. So did everyone else on the street. Everyone else's fireworks look even more majestic than ours, we were so ashamed. We took tons of pictures and it felt like we were enveloped in a galaxy of comets and shooting stars, exploding at the high end of the sky. The view from Zizi's bedroom was marvellous! We could see for miles and miles from there. Fireworks exploded from every direction. It was incredible! Couple shots and family photos were obviously mandatory. We were so beat by the end of it all but we definitely went out with a bang. 2014, you are most definitely welcome in our hearts.

Lustre floral dress via TK Maxx // Fashion to Any floral blouse // Outfit photos by Firu

Welcoming 2014, I still cannot quite let go of the habit of wearing what I recently acquire right away. What can I say? I'm way too excited to just shove these items into the back of my closet. So yeah, this is my second item from Fashion to Any. This blouse is absolutely darling, I simply must show it to you guys as a whole sometime. The collar is my most favourite part. It may not be my favourite peter-pan collar but it's very adorable and can be quite formal too. The quality is also superb and the structure ladylike. It being a floral blouse seems to suit my absolute favourite dress. Obviously, this has to get worn in the winter. The powder blue colour sweeping the whole "painting" of the dress seems to go quite well with snow and the idea of winter. But it seems I was way overdressed for NYE because everyone else dressed quite casually. Well, it would be so unlike me not to give 110% when everyone else gives only 90%. Speaking of 110%, I tried out Carrie's actions for these photos today. I feel almost as posh as she is. This is my first time using actions and it was fun! Also, I've enjoyed reading other people's resolutions so far. So if you have any, do share along! A lot of my friends have grown up quite a lot last year. I am so proud.

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