Sunday, 5 January 2014


Good day, lovelies! As it has been mentioned in this last post, Bivi’s sister is going to be a guest blogger. And here I am, the sister. Ta-da!

I confess, I stole the title of the blog from a song by AKB48, and it’s because their sister group, JKT48 has recently adapted the Indonesian version of the song and it’s all over the TV. But that’s not why I use the title, it’s because I want to talk about summer. You may think it’s an odd timing to be talking about summer during wintertime. But I have lived in Australia for 4 years, and the season is a topsy-turvy down there, as you can see here. It was winter during mid-year and summer during the end of the year. So no white Christmas for me! And from where I came from it’s even worse (I assume you already know where my sister and I come from). We live in a tropical country so it is summer. All. Year. Long.

Cotton On top // Girl Express (Kmart) shoes // Elle watch // Bivi's shirt // Arnessio Basic shorts // Mom's Sunnies (?) // Lovisa earrings

So how do I cope with having summer when it’s suppose to be winter? It’s pretty simple actually: you do what you usually do during summer. Befriend water, go to the beach or swim in the pool. Have some splash! Wear summer clothing such as summer dresses, shorts, tank tops and flip-flops. During Christmas party or dinner, you can have colorful cocktails and refreshing dessert that could also include tropical fruits. Maybe Santa will arrive with his summer getup (Aloho-ho!). You can still have eggnog and hot cocoa if you want, but minus the heater and a thick blankie. And to celebrate New Year, you can have a party at the beach, the pool or even a pajama party (for those who prefer something intimate).

In the end, even though we got no snow and sleigh ride, no problem. We got pool and surfboard. Don’t worry if you can’t wear your jumpers and cuddle up with a hot cocoa in your hands. You can wear beautiful summer dresses and treat yourself with tropical ice creams. And that makes summer at the end of the year sounds good!

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