Friday, 17 January 2014

Too Bad, Honey, Life Is Anything But Black and White

(But this post is...)

The Paper Kites - Willow Tree March

How fun it is to create a strictly black-and-white post! I've actually done that once before, but never for an outfit post. Since I'm wearing a strictly black-and-white outfit this time around, thought it might be fun to turn the whole post into B&W. So you're not missing anything much. This has been one of the warmest winters of my life. It hasn't snowed at all and the other day I didn't even need to put on any winter coat. Ah, it feels so nice. Life has been returning to normal. However, now I'm trying to channel my creative energy elsewhere and would probably post here less. No, in fact, if after this I still post here regularly, you should definitely scold me and tell me to get back to whatever I was working on. I'm sorry but I cannot disclose what project I'm working on at the moment for I will be less motivated to do it the more I talk about it. But once everything's said and done, I'll be sure to let you know. This isn't goodbye or anything, just a heads-up. I might pop in to say hello every now and then, but not as often. I'd appreciate it if you guys would stick around. You can obviously still stay in touch with me through instagram and twitter. Otherwise, if you wish to talk to me, emails are always welcome.

Marks & Spencer coat // Cotton Club top // Houndstooth dress via Someone Like You (worn as skirt) // C&A kitty hat // vintage oxfords

I pulled out my inner posh today. Who would've thought I had an 'inner-posh'? I don't, really. But here's an attempt to feign that I do. What can I say? Whenever I pull this coat on, I feel very posh. The fact that it's from Marks & Spencer probably supports that effect. It probably belongs on a high-end street in London rather than a dirty corner of Kassel, huh? Well, I've acquired it since I was still fresh into high school and was dying to wear it just right. Can you believe I tried to wear this classy beauty to the mall? People could probably already mistake me as a young executive of some sort. Even now, it seems, the 'proper' time has yet to arrive. Also, Houndstooth is a rather classy pattern, isn't it? Suitable to be worn by the governesses and editor-in-chiefs of the world rather than a struggling uni student such as myself. Probably downgrading the ensemble a little with these irresistible oxfords, as opposed to the expected high-heeled boots or pumps. And let's not be too serious! This kitty hat is just to-die-for. Ever since I saw Carrie of Wish Wish Wish wearing 'em, I'm just smitten. Anyhoo, can you believe that it's already January and I can wear this outfit without freezing over? Well, the lack of snow is such a blessing. Seriously can't complain.

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