Thursday, 14 June 2018

#alivegurlmudik: Tunjungan Street

There is a street here in the heart of Surabaya, lined with various antique buildings. This street is often passed through by all types of land vehicles. It is where Hotel Majapahit is located. At one end of it, one can find the city's biggest mall—spanning into five parts, filled with stores of any kind. At the other end, there is the Surabaya Museum. Tourists and locals alike love to take photos here, night and day. This, my friends, is the Tunjungan Street. It is a one-way street, mostly free of traffic jams, with occasional crossroads, optimal pavement situation and enough trees to keep the pedestrian comfortable. There are manhole covers of different designs adorning the streets—and they're colourful too! Old, art deco architectures line the streets, with information on what their purpose used to be in their heyday. Unfortunately, this street is pretty much abandoned. There are only a handful of stores still open today—most of which are probably not age-old establishments. Don't get me wrong, I love the run-down vibe of the area, but it just feels a bit of a waste. This street reminds me of Braga Street in Bandung, but a lot less lively. If only there was a way to revive it.

Sejauh Mata Memandang headscarf // Book of Deer dress // old jacket // thrifted loafers // hand-me-down purse // outfit photos by Sis

Okay, truth-telling time—because that's what I do on this blog lately—this photoshoot was supposed to turn out very differently. My sister and I planned to go to the Surabaya Museum at the end of this street, while taking in the view around us. Unfortunately, by the time we got to the museum, it was apparently closed—no notification or anything, as usual. But, I guess, we got so used to our plan falling apart that we just turned around and walked back down the street while snapping so many shots of ourselves and the surrounding buildings. I'm not going to lie: we were a bit let down at first. I, for one, was excited to find out what's inside, but now I can't. But we also know it's not the end of the world. Life often doesn't go as planned, so it's always smart to keep a plan B. One that we have just walked through isn't quite a bad plan in our book. It also didn't go as smoothly, as cars kept passing by. But we stole moments in between and managed to walk away with amazing photos. It's all about the way you look at it.

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