Wednesday, 20 June 2018

#alivegurlmudik: Order Up!

 Burger Up

The other day, my sister, my brother and I checked out this relatively newly opened burger joint in Surabaya—first opened around the end of March. We passed by it a couple times on the way to the nearby mall and, from the outside, it looked really cute and interesting. None of us knew what was so special about it, but I thought it would at least be a really great setting for a blog post—lol this blogger brain never rests. We decided to go one lunch time at around 2 pm-ish. The first impression we got was how quaint the place was. We already knew that the interior would be rather adorable and aesthetically pleasing, but the atmosphere definitely adds to our comfort. Now, one of the first things that we noticed was the yellow machines we were supposed to utilise to place our orders. It's very easy to use, has very few glitches and a great way to let us take our time to decide. The menu itself is quite unique, as it lets you DIY your own burger—which my brother took forever to do. And—guess what—almost all the drinks available are free flow! Nope, I definitely did not drain three glasses full of lemon tea.  As soon as we finished ordering, we went to the cashier to pay and pick up our drinks. The food was then to be delivered to our table.

The Executive top (old) // gifted batik jacket // thrifted loafers // borrowed skirt from Sis // photos of me by Sis

Okay, the moment of truth: how does the food taste? In. Cre. Di. Ble! I ordered the Classic Beef Burger and—oh my god!—the patty is simply heavenly. It tastes like the traditional beef patty of McDonald's—I'm not sure if it still tastes like that these days—and the sauce is spot on. But, seriously, that patty. My sister ordered the Fish Delight and it was also so, so good! As a side dish, I've also got their Fish Fingers and it was tremendous! The service was also nice. We spent hours there because we were just so comfortable. They take our refill requests with little fuss and tended to our questions patiently. The interior is really lovely too. There is even a mini playground area inside, so kids can play while being fed. Too bad we didn't get to check out the second floor too, though. Their theme at the moment is the World Cup, so they've got the whole place decked out in football scenes and flags—the window illustrations are just so cute! They also have a box everyday for each team playing that night, where you can put our receipts into, and if the team you 'voted for' wins, you could get a reward. Give it a try!

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