Wednesday, 13 June 2018

#alivegurlmudik: For Heroes Unknown and Renowned

Brass relief of the scenes leading up to the Battle of Surabaya

Statues of Bung Karno and Bung Hatta with columns representing the spirit of the battle

The Tugu Pahlawan monument in the middle of the park

If you walk around the park, you'll find statues of local heroes who fought for our freedom on Nov 10, 1945

The tomb for heroes and soldiers who remain unknown

We are back in Surabaya, baby! Eid is upon us and my sister and I are finally back here to visit the Grandparents as well as reunite with the cousins. And, as usual, we are using this chance to explore the city and snap as many shots as possible. We arrived Sunday night and on Monday noon we were ready to go out and about. Our first destination was Tugu Pahlawan and Museum Sepuluh November, which are basically the main landmarks of Surabaya and ones that we, strangely enough, had never visited before. This area was built in 1951 by President Soekarno, to remember the Battle of Surabaya in 10 November 1945. When we walked in, we were welcomed by a statue of President Soekarno and Bung Hatta, damaged columns in the background with writings that represent the Battle of Surabaya spirit. Behind them, the place opens to a massive park, with the Tugu Pahlawan monument in the middle and the museum to the back of it. The museum itself has an architecture that is somewhat reminiscent of the Louvre, with the entire museum located underground. It consists of two stories containing a lot of information on The Battle and shaded outdoor areas lined with fish ponds. They also have tour guides at the ready, in case you want more detailed information on The Battle. 

You can press a button here to listen to Bung Tomo's speech from 1945

Hand-me-down shirt + pants + purse // thrifted loafers // gifted batik bolero // outfit photos by my sis

Here is something I don't think I've ever really talked about before: this trip was practically killing me. The sun was raging, we were basically dehydrated and, well, let's just say I wasn't having an optimal bowel movement. In short, it was such an exhausting trip for us. And I know these things most likely don't come across on the photos, which is why I find it important for me to write it down for future reference. My sister said on that day, "This always happens when we go out and about during Ramadan!" And I was bewildered. Does it? I'm very good at having amnesia for the bad stuff, when the good stuff is forever pasted on the internet—talk about getting fooled by my own filters. That being said, I can't say I didn't enjoy this trip at all. It was really nice taking these photos, walking through this park and learning all this new information—or what little I could absorb—about my own country, especially to do that with my lifetime partner-in-crime. Just, you know, maybe hydrate a little more during Suhoor next time.

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