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October in Overview

Trying to understand an artwork be like

To me, October is usually my birthday month, but also the month of Halloween. And, unexpectedly, everything I've been reading, watching and listening to this month has seemed to be appropriate for this holiday. How 'bout that? Maybe it has something to do with my inktober theme this year—you can see for yourself down below. I spend a lot of time with my best friends this month, which is always a wonderful time spent. My birthday also didn't suck as much as I feel it usually does—I think I should start accepting that my birthday is basically any other day and it's best I treat it that way, or maybe I should really just cry in the bathroom for a while and move on. Aside from inktober, I also visited two artsy events this month—one sketching club, which was a lot of fun, and one typography exhibition, filled mostly with people I know online. Lastly, I've been very active on the illustrations front this month—especially on my art instagram—and the feedback/responses I got from some of you make me feel very loved. So thank you!

Currently Reading

This month's books are quite appropriate with the Halloween theme, if I say so myself. Starting with finishing two more German books: Der Erdbeerpflücker and Der Scherbensammler, both by Monika Feth. They were quite light thriller—if such a thing exists at all—and I was quite intrigued all the way. I'm not sure if it were the length of each book itself or the fact that they're in German—which I'm not entirely used to reading in—that took me twice as long to finish than most other books. Hence, my not being able to read more books this month. Afterwards, I kicked off straight away with my 25 Before 26 list and went straight for the first Harry Potter book, which I'd never read before. The impression is still thick with the film's own, though, as there wasn't that much difference, I believe. I was going to continue on with the second book too, but my sister left it at the school she works in—and I'm the kind of person who can't be content without a book in my hands for more than 12 hours—so I grabbed A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki, which has been on my to-read list for years. Add me on Goodreads, if you want to find out how I feel about it later.

Currently Watching

To get myself in the mood for Halloween (and inktober), I decided to continue watching Kyoukai no Rinne (境界のRINNE). However, the plan backfired as, instead of getting in the intended mood, I ended up being in the mood for Rumiko Takahashi in general. After Rinne, I restrained myself well enough to go for Urusei Yatsure (うる星やつら) before I finally gave in and watched an entire series of Ranma 1/2—my all-time favourite and one true love. Within around 2-3 weeks, I managed to watch all 161 episodes plus the first movie. That's how much I love Ranma, like seriously. Can't say I didn't get the warm and fuzzies throughout the entire series. Afterwards, to kind of relax a bit, after a quite intense emotional Ranma—because, to me, it's quite nostalgic and energetic—I watched New Game!!, which is quite chill and cute in comparison. Aside from anime, I've also watched A Monster Calls a couple times and really didn't expect the emotions that come with it. Absolutely brilliant and perfect for Halloween!

Currently Listening

As usual, when I need some new artists to discover, I go straight to Noisetrade and this time was no exception. Like magic, I discovered Haunted like Humans, who just released their debut album "Ghost Stories" recently and it is good! I love that it's the month of Halloween and I discovered an awesome indie artist—who actually created their album through Kickstarter—with a haunting name and an even more haunting album. I literally just downloaded the album one minute and instantly hooked, unbelievable! The first track "First Light" is incredibly peaceful, reminding me of the mountains and cabins, while "The Mammoth Song" is quite upbeat—although still with the woodsy feel—and contagious. My absolute favourite, though, I must say is "Benjamin," which feels so much like an afterthought in the wake of a failed relationship—in case you hadn't noticed, I love this kind of notions. It just contains so many quotable lines that I've even posted on twitter—which they retweeted! Give it a listen and support them, won't you?

Highlight of the Month

Kicking off the month with inktober, of course // celebrating National Batik Day with this look // tea party with les best friends // tea workshop at the campus // turning quarter life! // joined Saturday Sketch Club and did this doodle // took damage on this campus book sale // favourite inktober from this year's batch // Halloween bash with Uli

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