Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Daughter of a Gun

A few weeks before Halloween weekend, my best friend Uli mentioned how she wanted to attend some kind of Halloween-themed event this year. To be honest, I want that as well. Ever since hanging out at a Halloween party with my roommates four years ago, I've been looking for a similar event to bring me back. Uli and I both looked for various events we might be able to join and somehow chanced upon this one at Mondo by the Rooftop, which is this low-key, slightly pinup bar at the rooftop of this shady, graffiti-clad building at the side of the street. I know, sounds very inviting, don't you think? It's just so unusual to find a place like this in Jakarta—at least, I've never found one before. The event started with a screening of a Vice documentary on Indonesia's horror films of the '60s—bloody gory and almost completely uncensored. And they play various horror films throughout the night, although most people prefer to hang out outside, talking to their friends. We came and left quite early, so there weren't that many people there yet. I really love the place, though it's quite shady, so I might come back again if there's another fun event going on.

Vintage hat // thrifted shirt + vest // hand-me-down pants // not-so-old boots // photos by Uli

This post was originally going to be titled "Yee-haw!", but I lack the vigour for it. I don't know why it never occurred to me to dress up as a cowgirl on Halloween, when I've been hoarding various western clothing and props in my wardrobe—although the ring of the hat actually fell off in the car (lo). I actually also have an appropriate belt for this, but it turns out not to be able to fit me anymore. All I'm missing is a sheriff badge and a lasso, and I'll be good to go. Are you dressing up as something this Halloween? Are you planning something for today? I've recently finished the first Harry Potter book, so I think I'll try re-watching the film to compare—and jog my memory. If you want to embrace the spooks too, here are some books you can indulge yourself in. As for films, I recently watched A Monster Calls, which is more heartbreaking than I would have expected, and something like Only Lovers Left Alive is always appropriate. Have a happy All-hallows-eve!

P.S: The photos of both me and Uli were taken by Yandi and Panji, who were also there for the event. Unfortunately, they didn't tell us their social media info or anything. Thank you for the photos!

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