Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Officially Quarter Life

Last Friday was my birthday—and it's my 25th too! Birthdays have always been particularly hard for me, for some reason. For as long as I could remember, they have almost always succeeded in disappointing me one way or another. I always expect people to know and give me birthday wishes, despite the fact that I never flat out tell them when it is. I've tried various ways to handle it—sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't—but somehow I almost always end up crying in the bathroom anyway. The worst part is I've never been one of those people who could just forget their birthday—I would either be dreading or excited for the day. So, after last year's, err...tiny debacle, I guess, I decided to just do something by myself that has absolutely nothing to do with my birthday, which is a tea workshop on campus. I absolutely love tea and it's a great way to acquire credits for my studies, so I figured why not? Before the workshop, I decided to while away on one of the countless balconies on campus to snap these shots myself. Ahh, what better way to spend a birthday than some alone time like in the good ol' days, am I right? The workshop was really interesting and I tasted tea like never before too. I ended up having more fun than I was prepared for.

Vintage dress // swapped cardigan // hand-me-down purse // thrifted loafers

This birthday I felt so very loved. On the day, I woke up feeling shitty, but at dinner my sister surprised me with a loaf of my favourite Doré by LeTAO cheesecake and my Stepmom made my favourite mushroom fritters. Quite a number of my family and friends (and my sister's) wished me a happy birthday. Also, you guys, thank you for the lovely birthday wishes! The next day, my sister and I joined the Saturday Sketch Club event with Tomodachi Studio and Diela Maharanie. Everyone was so friendly and warm, the ambience was very peaceful and it was creatively stimulating. I'm so happy to be able to see Kak Kemas again and finally meet Ikhwan in the flesh—I wouldn't say we've been friends for a while, but I've interviewed them both before that somewhat started our online, err, acquaintanceship. My characters also got some love during the event, which melts my heart. Lastly, I just realised how much love I've received on my art instagram, especially from illustrators I admire. So chuffed! I know I can be quite ungrateful and spoiled, most of the time, but I'm super happy and honoured that you all stick by me. Thank you!

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