Thursday, 5 October 2017

Brand New Life

A little glimpse of the humble cafeteria building

As you might know, I've recently started a new life at a new campus—yep, it's been my life for the past 3 years now, hopping from campus to campus—and it's been...a struggle, to say the least. It's probably not the campus's fault—or the classmates', for that matter—it's just these things always take time. That being said, I do actually enjoy my new campus building very much. It's so green, spacious and well-facilitated. The architecture is also rather nice, although a bit too modern for my liking, actually. But it being so big—and goddamn tall, like 19 floors—means that there are definitely some nooks and crannies that would be devoid of people at some point of the day. Flashback to several posts from my Kassel days, a big campus is literally a place to scout a new place for outfit photos, am I right? And that's what I did last week. In case you're curious, I'm still taking Graphic Design as a major and continuing on from my previous studies—although I was held back a semester to take some classes I hadn't had yet. Most of my classes this semester are, sadly, theory-based and quite tedious, but I can only power through.

Sis's shirt (borrowed) // drsv pants (giveaway!) // gifted jumper // thrifted backpack // MKS shoes

As if I'm going full flashback on my Kassel days, this is actually my second wearing of the outfit—that week, at least. The first time I wore it, it was raining quite hard and super cold, so the jumper is very fitting. However, on this day, the sun was a-blazing and the temperature rather high, so it was sweat city for me. You might be able to tell that from the photos, though. There is something slightly autumnal and full-on college-appropriate about the whole ensemble, I feel. It has a jumper, a preppy touch and a backpack. Have you missed this backpack, by the way? It's been too long, since the last time it made an appearance on the blog. I've missed having it around. And these pants; they're one of the only pairs to fit me at the moment, to be honest. Thank goodness it's a cool one, so no complaints here—though not really. These photos were taken at this—honestly—shady corner outside of the second floor of the campus library. Not a bad place to chill, honestly.

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