Monday, 20 November 2017

The Calm Before the Storm

The title of this post—which, by the way, works literally and figuratively—is more relevant in my life now than ever. These photos were taken a few minutes before really dark clouds rolled in and bestowed a downpour over my house. I barely managed to gather my things and get back home, before it started to drizzle. In the big picture, though, they were taken in the last several minutes I managed to spare before finishing my freelance job, getting down on some midterm assignments and preparing for a workshop on Sunday. Talk about some storm, eh? The artistic/illustrious part of my life currently piques my interest very much, more so than this little ol' blog—which leads me to post more stuff on my art instagram and tumblr. It might not seem at all apparent, since my social media appearance is quite sporadic anyway, and I still have blog posts ready on schedule. But I've been spending most of my time glued to my desk, drawing fanart—which is also why I rarely ever post stories anymore, well, at least not on my blog instagram.

Hand-me-down floral shirt // thrifted jacket + shorts + hat // Sis's purse // old loafers

To be honest, I haven't been feeling like posting much on this blog, especially outfits. I've been spending most of my time at home or on campus, wearing pretty much the same thing, and the idea of going out with friends scares me a little bit—mostly, from the financial aspect. Also, I barely ever have time to go someplace interesting and shoot lovely outfits anymore, like on this day. My original plan was to go to a museum for this outfit, but it just wasn't possible with the list of things I had to finish last week. Thankfully, I live in a gorgeous place that, with a little bit of perspective, would look so fresh on the blog. For the outfit, I was adamant on remixing this shirt once more, and thought it had never been paired with pants/shorts, so here is me having a go. Let's pretend I'm skinnier than I actually am—don't ask me about my workout routine, please. Well, I guess I'd better go back to studying for this exam that's up in a few hours :')

P.S: In case you're wondering, these were taken yet again with my makeshift tripod substitute, 'cause I still haven't got a tripod yet. I always find it easier and more comfortable to use than an actual tripod, though.

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