Sunday, 5 November 2017

Too Close for Comfort

 PGP Cafe

A couple months ago, when I had a little reunion meet-up with an old friend, I discovered this small yet homely café not too far away from where I live—by Jakarta standards, anyway. It was also quite secluded and devoid of people that I thought, I'd definitely like to come back here and take some photos for the blog. So I decided to go back on my own last Thursday, since it was my day off. My original plan was to catch up on work, while taking some outfit photos of myself. But it turns out taking photos by yourself is a lot of work on its own, and there was virtually no work to catch up on anyway. Like the last time I visited, I ordered Spaghetti Carbonara, Truffle Fries—which were heavenly!—and Iced Lemon Tea—easy on the ice, as per usual—all of which I thoroughly savoured. The waiters were all very friendly—without crossing the line to being nosy, which is perfect—and didn't even bat an eyelash when I started propping my camera here and there, for the sake of this post. It was yet again quite devoid of people, though, so I made myself at home, probably crossing over to the inappropriate (lol). I'm blaming the harem pants, really.

Thrifted top // gifted batik jacket + harem pants // hand-me-down sandals

Today I thought I'd opt for a casual-but-put-together look. I've been practically living in these harem pants, especially on campus, and it's just the perfect colour for me—as you might notice from my love for orange. The jacket is a bit of an afterthought, as it has quite a casual feel, but with a touch of formality that often comes with outerwear—plus, I just adore batik. Although it's currently rainy season, I decided to don a pair of sandals this time, since I thought I wouldn't be walking much anyway—just to and from the camera and toilet, actually—as I took bike taxis to and from the café. Thankfully, it didn't rain at all on the way, so they both stayed dry indoors. Also, now that I'm seeing the elements to this outfit one more time, I realise that most of these items were given to me by my family. The harem pants were a souvenir from my Stepmom from Bali—I think they were handmade by some local artisans, although I'm unsure about the dye they use. The batik jacket was given to me by my Grandmother 5 years ago, when I came home from Germany the first time and the sandals were hand-me-downs from her too last year. They were all items of comfort, both in function and in sentiments.

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