Saturday, 22 July 2017

Woodland Creatures

Kori Mori (left) and Kori Kohi (right)

 Asagao Coffee House

Lately, I've been in the right old mood to discover new places to hang out for a while now. Well, not hang out so much, as take outfit photos in—talk about #bloggerlife. Also, I want to introduce more culinary places in Indonesia as much as I can. Then, last month I saw an ad on instagram—is it just me or that place is going insane with the ads these days—on The Brown Hare and I saw that you could also buy their products at Asagao Coffee House. Instantly, I asked my sister to accompany me discover this place after Ramadan, because I wanted to take photos—and have my photos taken—before dark. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, we were cutting it close to sundown, but the lighting in this place is so good that the pictures came out great anyway. My sister ordered こりコーヒー (Kori Coffee) and I ordered こり森 (Kori Mori). I don't know what the "kori" stands for here, but, basically, they are coffee cubes (or matcha cubes for the Mori variety) in a glass. To drink it, pour in the milk being served with the cubes, but little by little to savour it. For the coffee variety, you can also choose various flavours of syrup to go with it—my sister chose hazelnut. They also offer various pastries and, of course, The Brown Hare's pralines. We ordered the milk choco ones—because they were out of the matcha ones—and it was quite good. The service was amazing, the ambience was perfect and the drinks were superb. I loved it!

Look at this really adorable packaging by The Brown Hare!

Book of Deer dress // old headband // thrifted loafers // outfit photos by Akita

You might notice that this is the exact same print as the top that I already own. Yes, it's exactly the same. Book of Deer was having a clearance sale last month that I had to nab another one of their pieces, and this—as I've mentioned before—is from my absolute favourite collection of theirs, so I don't mind having the exact same print in two forms of clothing. I have to admit, I was planning on wearing the other one first on the blog, because it has a different print and I love the cut so much. But then I put this one on and realise...I love the cut on this one too! Eilidh is really a splendid designer. Her pieces are so unique—and not just in term of their prints. Also, I thought it would be appropriate to wear a kitchen-themed dress to a café. As for the hair, for the first time in a long time, I had an exact vision on how to style this piece—an updo of sorts wrapped in a scarf/headband. I wanted to show off the dress as much as possible. So this was actually a 2-day-old hair—very visibly greasy, huh?—which I twisted and wrapped (with the help of this simple tutorial) and stuck with countless bobby pins. Super proud of myself for keeping it up the whole day!

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