Wednesday, 12 July 2017

#alivegurlmudik: Ethical Eid Mubarak

This photo was taken by my cousin Diar

Ramadan this year seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye. Honestly, wasn't it just yesterday that it began? How is it that now it's two weeks after Eid already? This year, thankfully, our family gets to visit the grandparents and cousins once more—although my sister and I, as always, had to be the only representatives from our family, while the rest are in Semarang. Unlike the previous years—for some reason—my expectations for Eid this year is significantly diminished. So long as we get to eat together as a family, thank God for the past month of blessings and the end of our fasting, I'm not complaining much. I was willing to brush off the fact that my nose was killing me with excessive phlegm, I went to Eid prayer by myself—well, with Grandpa, but he's obviously praying at a different section—and the rest of my family couldn't join us. If you've read this post and this post, you might know the gist by now—prayer, 'sungkem,' holiday money for the grandchildren and feast. A bit of good news: I think my Grandma's legs are getting better or, well, her spirits are, at least—she seems to smile a lot more. It breaks my heart to think of her in pain. I hope I can make her proud soon!

Ultimate OTP!

Headscarf by Bernadet Putri // hand-me-down shirt // Imaji Studio scarf // thrifted skirt + loafers // old socks //

outfit photos by Akita

I feel like now Eid is the perfect time to create hijab styles—to train for the future. While last year I kept it casual with a slip-on hijab, I thought this year I'd try wrapping my own hijab. But, me being me, of course I'd be too lazy to pin the whole ensemble together so that they won't go awry. My sister was stressed out looking at my dishevelled hijab—stewing in silence while she eyed my head. Little did she know, this outfit was a couple months in the making—around the time I purchased the headscarf—and I kind of like the way the hijab changes shape from time to time, although, yes, it gets kind of stressful as the day wore on. The big scarf is actually quite an impulse purchase only a few days before I departed to Surabaya. Imaji Studio was having a storewide sale from their previous collections throughout the month of June, so of course I had to take advantage. It was my first ever ethical purchase—and for it to be local too! It might have been a dip into my savings, but it was worth every penny—I've been using it as a blanket prior to Eid. Also, the prints are so adorable, don't you think?

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