Friday, 2 December 2016

November in Overview

Excited about...
Christmas break, come to Mama! I've been pretty much replaying Vitamin C's "Vacation" over and over again, because I REALLY need a break. The whole month has been pretty much radio silence—or at least that's how it felt like to me. Hopefully I will really get a break to work on personal projects, plan things for next year for the blog—not sure if anyone cares—and, ultimately, to really have fun with friends and family and relaaaax.

Currently reading...
Der Dieb by Fuminori Nakamura, which is obviously the German-translated version of a Japanese novel. This was given to me by my friend Frederick who got the copy for free at the Frankfurter Buchmesse—delivered by Ratri, by the way. I don't read a lot of Japanese novels—let alone a German-translated one—but I'd love to. The story is quite intriguing, shrouded in great mystery adorned with a bit of flashbacks. So far, the plot has yet to present itself but it's looking good and I can hardly put it down—though I must. By the way, last month's book sucked! (sorry, Sis, but the truth must come out)

Currently watching...
The Graham Norton Show, a.k.a. best talk/chat show in the world! I absolutely love this show and am completely hooked by it this month—though I've watched it several times before. It's just structured so well. The show is quite straight forward: starting with a comical bit, moving on to a monolog by Graham, continuing with a collective interview with the celebrities and a musical performance—by the end of which the artist joins the others on the couch, ending with the stories by the audience on the red chair. It's just so interactive between the guests, the audience and the host—also a great quality time material—without the distraction of tacky games and segments. It's all about the guests, which makes the whole episode a treat to watch.

Currently listening...
Offbeat City Music. It's just a channel filled with this awesome indie music for you city folks. Their whole playlist feels very nice for a drive around the city, especially around sunset—for me, anyway. Such a great channel to discover indie artists from around the globe. Aside from Torches—which mentioned last month—and the obvious Temper Trap, I've also taken a liking to The Boxer Rebellion through this channel.

Thinking about...
opening an Etsy store! Which is something I've been thinking about for a while—or ever since I found out about Etsy, basically. I'd really like to use my Christmas break to curate my store, research the prices and other materials that I might need and photograph my products ready to be purchased.  I will need help from you guys to decide what to sell, as all your insights are always helpful. The store will hopefully open sometime next year, so please stay tuned!

Other highlights:
There is literally no highlights this month, other than the fact that I was so busy for the whole month that I hardly had any time to update the blog or my instagram. You can see below all the things that have kept me busy—but specifically that one long-winded, never ending project that I loathe so much now.

Throwback to an illustration as compensation for radio silence // another one from work // weird faces with Sis // current TBR (gifted + thrifted) // back to recipe-making again this month // BTS for an assignment with Cynthia // BTS of the longest project EVER // helping Stepmom with catering job // typography midterm project: Machu Picchu tourism
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