Friday, 30 December 2016

December in Overview

Excited about...
well, as expected, the new year, of course. At this point, I have little to no expectations what the new year should hold. My sister taught me a clever and humble prayer recently: "Dear GodI believe that You have plans of Your own and I wish not to interfere with that. All I ask is to, please, give me strength to handle whatever is to come." I think I want to live with that prayer in mind. Everything else will be futile otherwise, anyway. So, do your worst, 2017!

Currently reading...
Und morgen du by Stefan Ahnhem, which is a German-translated Swedish crime novel that I received from my friend Frederick (thanks again, mate!). So far it's been rather intriguing and I'm still giddy to see it until the end. It's one of those stories that, even though you basically already have every piece of the puzzle, the mystery is still very much alive because you have no idea how to piece them all together. Also, this is the first Swedish novel I've ever read—and it spans into Denmark—that I have to open the map to see where all the cities are.

Currently watching...
Actually watched quite a number of films this month. I went to the movies for Moana—which I adore!—and watched a few anime series, such as 3月のライオン (March Comes Like the Lion) and Gi(a)rlish Number. Lastly, I finally got to watch The Revenant. It was a very raw and impressive film. The whole time I was watching it, it felt like I was actually peeking into someone's life as opposed to enjoying a studio production. 

Currently listening...
Moana Soundtrack, of course! Ever since I heard them at the cinema, I can't get the songs out of my head. Disney has done it again. I think Moana is the best Disney production in years! From the film, my favourite song would have to be How Far I'll Go. It's just so relatable. Then when it's basically reprised in I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors), it's really inspiring—I swear I almost cried. Really, really well done, Disney!

Thinking about...
Life-altering decisions (again). I can't say I have exciting plans for 2017, but I really want to expand and grow in so many aspects and fields. My life has felt like rocking on a boat in the middle of the sea lately, unsure of where I'm heading and unable to see what lies before me. It's almost as if I had just been floating along for a while. Maybe it's time I take charge of my life and do what I feel needs to be done. Since I'm the kind of person who loses her enthusiasm as soon as my plans are shared, I'm afraid I can't share with you guys until after it's at least a little bit more concrete.

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