Sunday, 25 December 2016


Welcome to the last outfit post of 2016! There are two reasons for the title of this post. First, it is to remember the legend that is David Bowie and the fact that he died earlier this year. I'd never really known much about him or his works, but I absolutely fell in love with "Space Oddity" thanks to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Following his death, many other iconic and important figures are moving to the afterlife—which I think is a major part of 2016 as well. I still can't believe figures who are so close to my heart like Alan Rickman and Anton Yelchin are now no longer walking this earth. To see how alive and kicking they are in their previous films make them seem almost immortal in my heart. It has been a hugely heartbreaking year—in that regard and so many others. I want to give them a moment of silence to respect their passing.

Thrifted hat + loafers // old striped dress (worn as top) // hand-me-down skirt + purse // photos by Iqbal

The second reason is because I'd love to talk about the changes the blog will (again) go through next year. This past couple years have been about experimenting with the blog and working out what works best for my schedule—and other aspirations. It has been really fun, taking the blog to its maximum potential and exchanging thoughts with other bloggers. However, as I try to be more consistent, more relatable and more structured about blogging, I've forgotten to get personal and lost touch with the blog. It's not until recently do I realise, as I am typing yet another interview or featurette that the blog feels like it was written by someone else entirely. I felt disconnected from it. So, starting next year, I've decided to strip the blog of some of its ongoing series and approach blogging in a less technical and robotic way. I want to talk more about the things currently taking residence in my mind and the causes I support. All in all, I just really hope you guys won't stop coming along on my journeys!

P.S: These photos were taken when a few Germany friends and I reunited, among whom were Cindy and Ervina who you might have seen on the blog before. Then there is Iqbal, who was so sweet and kind to take these photos for me—thank you so much! Wish I could talk more about them, but maybe on another chance. Oh and also, Merry Christmas, everyone!

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