Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Mix It Up a Notch: Charcoal Grey Jumper

Honestly, I have absolutely no idea what to call this thing. Last I checked calling it a jumper is still valid, but what do I know? Ever since I found it at the corner of my wardrobe—I think it used to belong to my late Mom or something—I have been head over heels for it. Although I usually steer away from grey items, this charcoal grey just looks really warm and nice—not at all the bleak and gloomy impression grey usually has on me. The cut is also very, very clean and well done, with its intricate buttons and crosses. If you think it's a pain to put on, you're mistaken; it's actually very easy to throw on—just don't forget what goes where. The skirt actually has a flap on the back, although it's supposed to be kept together with a button and an...extender (?), but the button came off not sure when. It says a lot when a piece of clothing gets worn more times in real life than on the blog.

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