Friday, 18 November 2016

Orange You Glad to See Me?

Feels like it's been forever since I've been on the internet—which is funny, because I scroll through my social media all the time. I guess it just feels that way because I haven't really been posting much lately. Is that actually normal for you guys, finding very little content from me? I feel so disconnected somehow, because the only time I have to actually leisurely catch up with what everyone else has posted on social media is before and after bed. And even then I am always rushed to go to sleep or get ready for class and whatnot, so I usually simply skim through everything. It's currently midterm season and I've been staying up all night trying to catch the deadline—barely making it and pretty sure I'm going to fail most of my classes this semester. Work has been quite demanding of me lately—bored of me saying that yet?—and I'm gasping for air, trying to balance the two. But enough about me, how are you guys? Are you doing well?

old top + skirt + shoes // Kaboki bag (old) // heart necklace via Etsy // photos by Akita

These photos were taken on one Saturday where I went on a little date with my sister, a chance to get away from the piles of to-do lists and pending works. It was probably a bad decision that I made. I stayed up quite late that night, trying to catch up with all of the things that I needed to get done—and didn't even crack the surface. Anyway, I thought I would wear something casual, comfortable and in my absolute favourite colour. My sister said I looked like a hobo—after unsuccessfully referring my style as boho—but I really like its carefree silhouette and the vibrant colour and prints. Ah, comfort zone~ The special thing about this outfit is the shoes, which I stopped wearing after this outfit merely because the soles came off. My Stepmom glued them back together but we were all doubtful they wouldn't fall off again, so I walked really carefully and slowly the whole day—and brought spare shoes LOL.

P.S.: That last photo is the sequel to this instagram post, in case you guys want more :')

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