Friday, 25 November 2016

Ethical Fashion: ALAS

Hello, everyone! After a bit of radio silence for the last couple weeks, I thought I would come back with a new ethical fashion feature. Do you know that ethical fashion is no longer a niche? More and more ethical fashion labels are popping up all over the world and it's simply inspiring. More brands are providing clothes for everyday wear, not simply for the fashion conscious crowd, including our brand of the month, ALAS. ALAS itself stands for All Light All Shadow, which is the basis of everything their label does, from their design aesthetics to their supply chain. It is their philosophy to shed light on their manufacturing process.

Starting with two friends in Australia, ALAS has built a reputation around the world since 2011 designing and offering first only sustainable sleepwear. Today their collections can be divided into three categories: Wake, Move and Sleep. Wake is basically casual wear for your daily routine, Move is their sportswear collection and Sleep is the array of pyjamas and night dresses they design. Talk about the perfect everyday wear, no? Their fabrics are all woven sweatshop-free in Jaipur, India, while also collaborating with a knit factory in Tiruppur (also India). You can read all about their worker ethics here. Their concern for the environment shows in the variety of fabrics they use, such as organic cotton, organic chambray and even recycled PET Polyester. The dyeing and printing method they use also avoid using toxic heavy metals, AZOs and formaldehyde. Even their packagings are recycled and recyclable!

For someone who is crazy about novelty prints like I am, ALAS is definitely easy on the eyes. I absolutely love the mix of vibrant and subtle colours in all the patterns that they use. Their patterns are also so modern, albeit drawing inspirations from vintage pieces and motifs. If you're not into patterns, though, fret not as they also provide a lot of solid-coloured items as well—and even intimates. The cut also tends to not be body-specific, allowing people of virtually any body type to fit into each design. I love how they design unisex items as well, although I would love to see more of those—or, you know, the men section. But I'm seriously excited about more ethical brands like this, providing clothes for necessity and not just style. Don't you agree? ;)

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