Sunday, 5 June 2016

Sister's Sister: Off-Duty

Ah, the arrival of a new month! June is dripping with the promise of freedom, peace and sunshine—although it's been raining quite a lot lately—and I cannot wait to get to the other side of the tunnel. This past couple weeks have been quite hectic since it's getting closer to final week—which just means deadlines in my line of work. I've been scrambling to balance work and school and getting everything done as soon as possible. The fear is real, but so is the excitement. I have no idea why I still blog at such a hectic time. But the other day my sister and I had a bit of time off and decided to grab lunch together. It was a chance for me to snap some outfit shots, with the help of my beautiful sister. We talked for so long, about a lot of things that only sisters will understand. Ah, tomorrow is the start of Ramadan. I'm somewhere between giddy and nervous, it's nerve-wracking. Early this morning, we went out to visit Mom's grave. It's been a while and she's lovely as always.

Thrifted top via Weirdoinpink // Ask by Asky backless dress // Oh my Bows hairbow // vintage loafers // photos by Akita

Speaking of which, I've decided to share with you my livejournal diary. Lately, I've been having random thoughts about various subjects which I don't think would be in keeping with this blog's theme. And, although I haven't had the time to put some of them down into words yet, I'd like to start sharing my thoughts in my online diary. You can already read past rants, stories and other musings there. Oh, it's also the blog I use to post story entries for competitions and such, as I just love short story competitions. Some of the posts are in Indonesian, mind you, but if you like, you can take a peek. It's very, very private, though, so if you do leave a comment there, please handle with care. Also, please bear with the adolescent posts of rants and veiled melancholia from my teenage years. I know they can be a little too much, but just...bear with me.

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