Wednesday, 1 June 2016

May in Overview

Excited about...
Holidaaaay! Oh my God, I just can't wait to be free of schoolwork and classes anymore! We—my class—are currently facing finals and we've been buried with project after project. That is besides my actual job which has been more time-consuming than I originally thought. But it's earning me some money so I can't really complain. Maybe I should really blog less—although it really hasn't messed with my schedules much. Also, Ramadan will be starting soon and I am a bit nervous and excited about it. Sadly, we won't be visiting the grandparents this year but, hopefully, that means I can explore the city more. Yaay!

Currently reading...
Rotkäppchen muss weinen by Beate Teresa Hanika. This is the first ever German novel that I bought and I was instantly entranced by the cover and the title. They suggest quite simply of the loss of innocence and a bittersweet summer day. This book was actually bought in 2011, shortly after my arrival in Germany. Back then, however, my German wasn't so good so it took quite an effort to read this book and it felt more like work than pleasure. For years I've been trying to start over and over but failed for one and other reasons. Finally, this month I managed to finished this book in...a week? It's an absolutely beautiful read and I'm glad I bought it. It jogged in me a desire to read other German books.
The Pickup by Nadine Gordimer. Just as promised, here's my little review on this book here. It tells the story of a South African woman who met a man from another country—possibly somewhere in the Middle East—who has been staying in her country illegally for a while. The way it is told is absolutely unique, in which neither the hero nor the heroine seem significant for the story—as if they can be easily replaced by another white SA woman and a Middle Eastern man. The story is also told in an almost detached way, as though the story is told for the sake of telling the story. Also, absolutely love the note it ended with. No wonder Nadine Gordimer won a Nobel Prize.

Currently watching...
Community Channel. If you like everyday comedy and witty thoughts, this is the channel for you. Nat is absolutely hilarious and I cannot believe it took me this long to find her. It's very rare to find Australian vloggers for me—or maybe I'm just not trying hard enough, like that time I say it's hard to find Australian books. Her witty thoughts turn everyday scenes into laughable sitcoms and I actually hurt my face from all the laughing. The best part is, these are everyday scenes that I can absolutely relate to—although some of them are a little too far off for me.

Thinking about...
Starting a webcomic. Man, this section just seems like the all-talk-no-action section, where I share with you something or other that I've been meaning to do but never happened. Right now, I know this one is a little unrealistic since I have tons of other stuff to make before I can even think about starting a webcomic. Plus, my current schedule doesn't allow me to have free time to be consistent with posting a chapter for a webcomic regularly. But I've been trying to refine some old stories I have—I've got to finish the, uhh, badges for each story to remind myself of what I've written (in my head) so far—and trying to finish them all concretely. Wouldn't it be nice to have my stories legitimised and concrete after all these years?

Been obsessed with pokémon this whole month // a couple books I bought from Big Bad Wolf Book Sale // guilty-pleasure fritter, yum! // the #artvsartist tag 'coz why not? // hanging out with my siblings after a stressful week // sucky Monday is sucky // my work at TigaGenerasi // aneka bubur across the station I've been lusting after // hanging out with Uli at Pigeonhole Coffee
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