Thursday, 17 March 2016

FINALLY In the Flesh!

Exactly a week ago, Amel of Charming Berryz took me as a plus one to attend the Lazada Luncheon which she was invited to. We've known each other online for a while and tried to meet in person several times—but somehow just kept missing each other. But finally! She is so much cuter in person and so much more petite than I thought—as in thin, not short...just to clarify. I thought she would be kind of shy or kept to herself—as I usually am—but she was so friendly and got along with everyone pretty quickly. It was such a suspense that she came late because of Jakarta's traffic, which she's not used to—welcome!—but when she finally arrived I was so thrilled to finally meet her. We stayed a while after the event was over to catch up and hang out—and, obviously, snap each other's photos. You can see Amel's outfit on her blog—along with her outfit deets, obviously.

H&M top (old) // Sox Galeri socks (old) // May & June skirt // thrifted denim jacket + loafers // photos by Amel

Aside from Amel, obviously I had the chance to meet so many other bloggers, including Olivia Fabrianne, Thelma Kisela, Vina Sagita and Vani Sagita. Okay, to be honest, I didn't know any of them when I first came in—none of them looked familiar to me. Maybe it's because they all have such contrasting style to myself, that I don't feel attracted to them in the slightest had I found them online. However, they were all quite friendly and welcoming that I was glad to have met them. This is the first blogging event I have ever attended, so it was rather strange—and I couldn't help but to feel out of place—to be there. The conversation they had was so different from anything I'm familiar with and it seems that we have different goals and perspective about blogging in our heads. What surprised me the most is that most of them—if not all—haven't been blogging for as long as I have, yet they've had more success in getting endorsements and business opportunities than myself. It's hard not to get beat up by that fact—haven't I always been honest with you?—but I'd rather see past that point and hang out with them again some other time.

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